Irish Wedding Rings

Interested in buying Irish wedding rings? Discover the unique wedding rings inspired by traditional Irish concepts…

The wedding ring is a special accessory that is more about memories than fashion. Yet everybody wants to have a very special wedding ring that they can treasure for ever. Irish wedding rings have a totally different dimension to offer in this regard.

Irish wedding rings have picked up in popularity in recent years. Today modern jewelers have created magical works of art based on ancient Claddagh and Celtic designs that have a great appeal on the contemporary masses. Irish wedding rings are available in gold, white gold and two tone rings with platinum. Following is a list of some of the most impressive Irish wedding rings available in the market.

Ladies Two Tone Claddagh and Celtic Wedding Band

Adorned with traditional Celtic and Claddagh symbols this is a skillfully hand crafted ring for the ladies. The Claddagh is a symbolic representation of love, friendship and loyalty which makes it appropriate for the event. The Celtic knot, as it is known is meant to symbolize the coming together of two individuals. The two tone coloring gives the ring another added dimension of uniqueness making it an excellent choice to go for. This particular Irish wedding ring can be purchased for around $800.
Ladies Celtic Knot Wedding Ring

This specially hand crafted ring for the brides captures the essence of Celtic symbolism. The mystical Celtic knots intertwine into each other casting a reflection of the marriage bond itself. Nature, love and eternity are other symbolisms to be derived from the Celtic knots. A glistering diamond exquisitely set spot in the center of the all embracing design further enhances the appeal of the ring. This work of art is being sold at roughly $600 in the market.

Comfort Fit Ladies Diamond Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

This Irish wedding ring has it all from comfort to style and trademark Irish symbolism. The design features an individual strand that is wrapped onto it self. Traditionally this represented the coming together of three separate essences as based on Christian beliefs. The ring is decorated with four sparkling diamonds that have been skillfully embedded between the knots making it an Irish wedding ring that is truly worth treasuring. The comfortable and stylish ring is being sold in the market for $700.

Ladies Emerald & Diamond Cluster Trinity Knot Band

This Irish wedding ring is a fine display of delicate craftsmanship. It features the trinity knot in the form of a wedding band. Symbolizing the bond of marriage the ring is a given choice for people getting married. Three clusters of sparkling diamonds accompanied by a real emerald at the center of each cluster bring this Irish wedding ring to life. The awe inspiring ring can be purchased at $650.

If you are going to be ordering your Irish wedding ring through the internet then you need to make sure you have your exact size. Most companies will charge you extra if you order an incorrect size and need to get it replaced.

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