Italian Easter Soup

Want an easy cheesy meaty Italian soup recipe? The Italian Easter soup is just what you are looking for. Find out how you can easily make this soup at home.

Soup forms an integral part of the Italian cuisine. The winter season gives all the more excuses for the Italians to experiment on their soup making fantasies. The tradition of eating soup as part of the everyday meal is maintained even on traditional holidays. This is the reason why soup is also part and parcel of the Italian cuisine for Easter. There are a million and one soup recipes that you will be able to find originating from Italy. Even the Italian Easter soup varies from region to region. Amongst the many different kinds of soup is the Sicilian soup which the city people especially prepare for their Easter feast.

The improvements in the means of mass communications have opened up the door ways to access information that was previously not possible for the ordinary man. As a result the Italian Easter cuisine has crossed boundaries. This is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the Italian Easter soup from Sicily. Out of all the different variations of the Easter soup this particular version seems to be the most popular both within and outside of Italy. This easy to make soup is delicious to eat and quite different from the run of the mill soups.

The Italian Easter soup in the making

You will need some nice and juicy soup chicken along with the basic veggies like onions, carrots, stalks celery and fresh parsley. The Easter soup also incorporates the use of beef but in the form of meatballs. To prepare the meat balls you will need some ground beef, eggs, Italian bread crumbs, parsley, salt and pepper. The third aspect of the Italian Easter soup is making the cheese mixture. For this you will need some eggs and two of Italy’s favorite cheeses Ricotta and Parmesan cheese.

Making the Italian Easter soup is no rocket science. Its simplicity too is perhaps one of the reasons why it has received such a warm welcome from the global community. To make the soup you have to start off by beating all the ingredients of the soup until they become smooth. You will be required to simmer the soup ingredients for around two hours after which you should strain the broth into a separate larger pot. While your soup is on the stove you should get to the preparation of the meatballs. Making the meatballs is easy. All you have to do if mix the ingredients together and roll them into marble sized balls.

After you have accomplished this task it is time to drop them into the chicken broth and cook them for around ten minutes. After this you should put the heat on low and allow the soup to simmer while putting a cover on it. In order to prevent it from sticking you should stir it regularly. When you see the cheese mixtures bubbling know that your Italian Easter soup is ready. It tastes best when served with garlic bread and salad.

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