Italian Wool Suits

So what are the choices of materials you have when it comes to Italian suits. Find out what makes wool the best of choices for Italian suits in our guide containing the facts & information you want to know.

It is no secret that Italian suits are at the zenith of men’s clothing. They have come a long way from being the official dress of dons and gigolos to being the most favored type of dressing for business tycoons and style conscious individuals today. Italian suits offer unparalleled style to their wearer. This is because they are tailored in such a way that they only highlight the good physical features of the individual and overshadow the unfavorable ones. Moreover Italian suits are available in a wide variety of cuts to choose from and each of them has something unique about it. In terms of comfort Italian suits are right up there and in terms of elegance they are the bench mark in men’s suiting. Today Italian suits are available in a wide variety of materials to choose from which has widened their appeal.

Italian suit tailors make sure they provide their clientele with different kinds of high quality material so that they don’t lose out on a potential customer. Furthermore the different kinds of cloth will enable the customers to have an Italian suit for each season. Amongst the most popular materials used in the making of Italian suits are cotton, tweed, polyester, flannel, linen, cashmere, vicuna and different kinds of wools. From amongst all these different kinds of materials wool is definitely the most popular fabric. This is because in when wool is used for men’s suiting it gives it a much more natural look than all the other kinds of materials.

Wool amongst wools

You will be able to find different kinds of wools under the larger umbrella of wool itself. Worsted wool is one of the finest fabrics used in the making of Italian suits. This particular material is mid weight and extremely durable. Furthermore it is not the kind of wool that is specifically for winter rather it can be worn in all seasons which makes it highly versatile. The thing that sets worsted wool apart is that it gives an extremely natural look to the Italian suit. The weight however may vary according the kind of weaving that you have done on your suit. Similarly high twisted wool Italian suits are also very popular amongst the wearers. This is because they hardly require any maintenance and can last for ages.

You will be able to get the worsted wool fabric in different kinds rated by numbers such as the Super 120 or Super 150. The number usually represents the count of the fitness of the yarn that has been used in the cloth. The higher the number the more wool has been used per square inch of the cloth. The wools with higher numbers are the finest of the wools and enable the weavers to create intricate designs and patterns on the cloth. To be categorized amongst the high quality fabrics the worsted wool should have a rating that does not go below the 80’s. You can rest assured that any worsted wool fabric upwards of this number will make a hard wearing and attractive Italian wool suit.

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