Italian Loafers Shoes

Would you like to learn about matching your Italian loafers shoes with an outfit from your wardrobe? Are you wondering about the suitability of wearing Italian loafers with a crisp business suit? Then, read our informative and factual guide…

Many men wonder if it would be acceptable to wear loafers with a suit or even with dress trousers and a formal shirt. As a matter of fact, most men ponder over the appropriateness of wearing their comfy loafers to work and wonder if the footwear has any place in a formal setting. The answer to all those queries is a resounding “yes”.  Depending on the type of Italian loafer shoes that you choose, you could easily match them with your favorite shoes and wear them to work.

Don’t let the crusty old men try to swerve your decision; lace ups are an option but they may not be the most comfortable and convenient shoes that you will wear. Loafers; on the other hand, are easy to use, light weight and feel like you are walking on clouds.

While many boys from the old school will tell you that loafers which were derived from the humble casual footwear should never see the insides of a corporate meeting room, today, these shoes are specifically manufactured for the professional on the go. Italian loafer shoes are made with the same diligence as the Oxfords, Bluchers and even the Balmorals. Gone are the days when the humble slip-ons were simply a derivative of the Moccasin. Today, loafers have their own place in a man’s wardrobe.

Loafers are designed to be extremely versatile, comfortable and reliable. This style of footwear is extremely adaptable and works as well with a suit as they would with a pair of jeans or even khakis. You can get loafers with leather soles, fine leather uppers, stacked leather heels, leather in-soles and more just like when you go out shopping for traditional formal footwear. As a matter of fact, today most designers offer Italian loafer shoes in the same materials as the popular Oxford dress shoes. Alternatively, for those of you who would like a less formal look, loafers are also available with rubber soles and less leather in its construction.

If you have always chosen the stuffy lace ups or even the Oxfords with your suits, this would be a wonderful time to get out there and experiment with Italian loafer shoes. You will be surprised at the impact that you can create with this footwear while you look as formal as you did with your patented black leather dress shoes.

The best part is that the whole world is wearing them to work and just about everywhere imaginable so you are certainly not going to feel out of place with a pair of loafers on your feet. Then, there is the distinct price advantage that these shoes enjoy over their other traditional counterparts which make them all the more appealing.

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