Italian Pastry Names

Want to try some mouthwatering Italian pastries? Well, first you need to know the names of the most popular pastry dishes served in the Italian households. Whatever type of Italian pastry you are looking for, chances are our guide has the information

Italy has one of the most unique cuisines that you will be able to find. It is known for its interesting appetizers and engaging main courses. The best of all are the treats that are served to clean the table for the night. Italian pastries are exquisite to say the least. They look delicious, they taste delicious and unlike any other dessert they even sound delicious with exotic Italian names. There are special desserts for special occasions in Italy. Italian pastries have gained world wide fame and hence we see many Italian pastry shops opening up in foreign lands.

Bigne: Common Italian Pastry

Italian pastries are very special. They have a breath taking appearance which can almost make one feel sorry for eating it. But once you get a taste of the pastry it’s hard to keep from over indulging. To compliment the exuberant looks and the great taste Italian pastries have some very intriguing names as well. Take for example the Italian pastry Bigne. It consists of soft and light pastry shells that have an option of three fillings. You can either go with ricotta cheese, chocolate or vanilla cream. Sprinkled with confectionary sugar the dessert is as unique tasting as it sounds.

Torta di Ricotta

Torta di Ricotta is a rather long name for an Italian pastry. This one consists of sweet ricotta cheese that lies between layers of tender delicious pasta frolla pastry. This is one of those desserts that are served chilled. Another famous Italian pastry name is the Napoleon. This is a tasty delight of dollops of rich chocolate and vanilla cream nested between flaky mile fogile pastries. The napoleon has its own traditional topping that it is famous for.

Torta la Cappuccino Pastry

Amongst the Italian pastries is the Torta la Cappuccino that features a cappuccino soaked cake which is layered with ricotta cheese. The finishing touch is added on the pastry with a dollop of ricotta and espresso beans. The Italians have the ability to get creative with their pastries. This is not only in terms of the experimental recipes which lead to unique tasting desserts but also in terms of the way the pastries look. The swan is a classic example of the artistry which the Italian chefs so painstakingly exercise. This unique dessert is a classic cream puff with loads of whipped cream but the different thing is that the pastry is designed to look like a swan. Although once you eat it they all look the same the different designs tend to have some commercial viability.

Pasticiotti & Tiramisu

Another famous Italian pastry is the Pasticiotti which is a tender pasta frolla pastry cup filled with either ricotta cheese, vanilla or chocolate cream. This is one of Italy’s all time classics. Tiramisu is also an Italian pastry name that is well heard in non Italian states. This pastry consists of creamy mascarpone cheese which is layered between espresso soaked lady fingers. When you’ve had too much of the fancy names and the fancy tastes then you can go for the good old fruit tarts and éclairs that are all time classics in Italy.

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