Italian School Holidays

Going on holiday to Italy? Want to know if your vacation coincides with the school holidays In Italy? Our guide tells you exactly when the main school holidays in Italy occur.

The country of Italy expands over a vast region that has all sorts of typography in it. From snow capped mountains to white sand beaches and lush green pastures to cliffs and coves Italy has almost all kinds of landscape. But naturally this also means it experiences all four seasons through out the year. Due to the geographical difference between the different regions of Italy each region has a climate quite distinct from the others. When it comes to school holidays in Italy they tend to follow a uniform calendar generally but holidays may differ in cases where there is an extreme temperature difference.

The seasonal holidays

The climate of Italy is generally classified as Mediterranean which is characterized by its hot dry summers and cool wet winters. The first of the seasonal holidays for schools comes during the spring season which usually is a short break of about a week or ten days. The summer season of intense heat is when the students get their biggest break from school which can last anywhere from between two to three months. Following this is the short break of autumn which is then followed up by the winter break. On average the winter vacations for schools in Italy are about a month and a half.

Other school holidays

Apart from the seasonal school holidays the students get a whole lot of other holidays through out the year. Some of these holidays come in the form of religion based important days that call for families to come together and celebrate. On the other hand there are other dates which have an important historical background and are celebrated as national or public holidays. The first of January is the first of these as the New Years Day is celebrated on a nation wide level. Epiphany and Easter holidays are amongst the religious holidays that fall within the first quarter of the year. Then you have the 25th of April which is a public holiday in remembrance of the end of World War 2. The first of May is Labor Day which is a world wide public holiday in many countries and Italy is one of them. Then you have the 2nd of June which is the Republic Day and is definitely a holiday for schools in Italy.

The post summer holiday season is marked with the public holiday of Assumption Day on the 15th of August. This is followed up by an All Saints Day which is celebrated on the first of November. The Day of Immaculate Conception is also a holiday for schools in Italy and this happens to be the on the 8th of December. Christmas season generally comes within the span of the winter vacations of the schools of Italy.

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