Italian Shoes & Matching Bags

Are you mulling over the purchase of Italian shoes and matching bags but are not sure about the colors that you should choose? Then read our informative and practical guide…

Most women go for the classic approach when it comes to Italian shoes and matching bags. They stick to the same color; however, there are several ways in which you could match your handbag to your footwear without going for the same shade. As a matter of fact, you could look chic and elegant and  well put together even when using contrasting or complimentary colors. While using shoes and purses of the same color is the old maiden’s technique to getting your wardrobe right; you can afford to get a bit adventurous in this day and age. Although using the same color does not look bad, it can get boring at times and will seldom create the ‘ooomph’ factor for you. So, get ready to ignore the ‘purse matches shoe’ rule and look at new colors that can be used to make you stand out in the most glamorous way.

For instance, try coupling neutral colors with darker and bolder shades; a classic example is using footwear or even a purse in neutral shade of beige, brown, black or white sometimes a dark burgundy should also work. Try using a beige or white purse with a dark outfit and matching shoes in dark shades. Another approach is to use dark shoes with a light outfit and a neutral colored purse. So, if you are wearing an all blue outfit with  trousers and a blouse, you could use shoes and a purse in shades of blue or if you really want to jazz up your outfit, try a pair of white shoes with the blue outfit and add some chutzpah with a pink purse to complete the Hollywood Diva look.

You could also do this with a pair of jeans and a white shirt; this is of course a classic combination. Simply couple the outfit with brown boots or even black close toed shoes. Carry a purse in blue or a vibrant shade such as yellow or even red to create the perfect impact.

While the old approach of using the same color all over does not look bad; it can make a normally hot outfit look slightly bland or too over the top depending on the color of your outfit. For instance, can you imagine an all grey outfit with shoes and purse to match; that would be plain old sad while an all pink outfit with matching shoes and purse would make you look like a life-size Barbie. The best part is that you can tone up or tone down the look of an outfit by merely using accessories such as shoes and purses in various shades. So, the next time, you have a hot event to attend; try the classic black number with a flaming red pair of high heeled shoes that scream out “ look at me” and of course a red purse to carry the rose red lipstick in it.

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