Italian Silver Jewelry

Want to buy some genuine Italian Silver jewelry? Interested in the processes and materials involved in making top quality Italian silver jewelry? Our guide to silver jewelry making in Italy gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Italian Silver Jewelry is steeped in tradition that goes back a few centuries. Its history is rich, varied and obsessive. The history of Rome has an influence in the design of Italian Jewelry because of the extent of the Roman Empire and the different cultures that constituted the length and breadth of it. Traces of Egyptian, Greek and Asian cultures can still be seen even in contemporary Italian Jewelry.

The archaeological excavations in the South of Italy have thrown up some of the finest pieces of jewelry from the Etruscan period. From the 9th. to the 14th. centuries, these artisans perfected the techniques of making jewelry that is even now being used in Italy. Especially the technique of “granulation”, which consisted of working designs onto a surface with tiny granules of gold or silver. The level of intricacy that goes into the execution of this technique has to be seen to be believed. Extraordinary care had to be taken to see that the gold or silver does not melt. The granules had to be soldered on them with a infinitesimally small heating point. This technique was studied and revived for use in the nineteenth century by Pio Fortuna Castellani.

Italian Sterling Silver Jewelry

Even though gold is the most popular metal for jewelry, more and more Italian designers are using silver to fashion exquisite pieces of jewelry, and the foremost among them is Stefani Argento. Not surprising, since the original Latin name for Silver is Argentum – ergo – Argento. And “Stefani” derives from the Greek meaning “crown”. Coincidence? Argento crafts exquisite jewelry exclusively in 0.925 sterling silver. Italian designers like Giuseppe Zantomio, Monica Traquandi and Pianegonda are taking sterling silver to dizzy heights in silver jewelry design. Combined with precious and semi-precious stone, the Italian Silver Jewelry is taking the world by storm.

The jewelry-making districts of Italy are legendary. Italian designers with sterling silver jewelry showrooms can be found in Arezzo and Vincenza. In addition, there are a number of manufacturers offering sterling silver and gold designs in these regions: Veneto (Venice), Toscana (Tuscany), Piedmont, Lombardy and Campania.

The fine detailing in the designs, the filigree work that you will discover produced by these craftsmen honor the long history and the traditional high quality of Italian silver jewelry. Italy designers are famous as world leaders in jewelry production because of their exceptional technical skills. They just have a flair for it. Viva L’Italia!

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