Turkish Carpet Repair and Maintenance Guide

Does your Turkish carpet need repairing? Do you want to know how to maintain your Turkish rug to avoid repair? Here we’ve included some common Turkish carpet related problems and tips for repairing them.

Repairing Turkish carpet rot

Turkish carpets usually suffer from rot when they have been exposed to water and not dried properly. This is especially bad when Turkish carpets are exposed to salt water (particularly silk Turkish carpets) after which repair is not possible if not dried out immediately. This is because the acid in the water attacks the fibres of the Turkish carpet which get weakened and can’t be repaired once they’ve started to rot. The problem is however that Turkish carpets only show signs of rot up to several years after they have been exposed to water at which point repair is impossible. The first signs of rot occur when the rotten areas of the Turkish carpet start to become stiffer than other areas of the carpet. Turkish carpets rarely become rotten all over but rather only a few spots on the carpet suffer from rot. The tough sports on the Turkish carpet then begin to disintegrate upon being touched. As there is no known method for repairing Turkish or any oriental carpets once they’ve started to rot the best thing to do is minimise contact with the carpet so that it wont come apart. Turkish carpets sold at a discount have sometimes been exposed to water and the seller knows it will rot which is why they sell these Turkish carpets at discount prices. When buying a discounted Turksih rug make sure you know why the carpet has been discounted and get a written guarantee of a refund in the case that your Turkish carpet rots. Always be sure to clean your Turkish rug in fresh water.

Repairing Turkish carpet burns

Turkish carpet burns are quite common in Turkey and other countries where oriental carpets are made. These burns on the Turkish carpet could come from the living room fire, kitchen stove or even when coal from the water pipe falls on the Turkish carpet. Hand-knotted Turkish carpets that have been burnt can be repaired without necessitating resale at heavily discounted prices. However, repairing Turkish carpet burns involves some reweaving and although this is possible, carpet repair specialists can be hard to locate. The best thing to do is to contact carpet dealers in your areas who will be able to recommend carpet repair specialists to reweave the burnt sections on your Turkish carpet.

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