The Lombardo Lakes of Italy

Are you going on holiday to the Lombardo region of Italy? Would you like to visit some of the world-famous lakes in Lombardo in Italy? Our guide to the lakes of Lombardo gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The Lombardo lakes are located in the Lombardo region of northern Italy in the plains just south of the Italian Alps which border Switzerland, Austria and France. The lakes in Lombardo are prized for their clarity, the moderate climate and the extreme beauty of the surrounding countryside. The lakes of Lombardo are popular holiday destinations during the summer months, not only with Italians but also with tourists from Germany and England. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the most popular lakes in the Lombardo region of Italy.

Lake Di Garda in Lombardo

This is the largest lake in the Lombardo region and spans 370 km² of land area. The position of this lake between the Italian Alps and the valley of the Po River provides strong winds which make this lake an excellent place to go windsurfing.

Lake Di Como in Lombardo

Lake Di Como is situated approximately 50km north of Milan and is easily accessible by road. The surface area of the lake is 150 km² which makes it about average among the Lombardo lakes in terms of size. The scenery around this lake in the Lombardo region is particularly beautiful and it is especially popular with foreign tourists from other European countries. The Lake also has its own medieval town on its shores complete with a cathedral and a couple of small museums which may be of interest to visitors.

Lake Orta in Lombardo

Lake Orta in Lombardo is prized for the beautiful alpine forest that surrounds the lake on all sides. The lake is 15km long and just less than 3km wide. This lake if flanked on one side by Mattorone Mountain which provides good walking trails as an alternative to sitting by the lake. Lake Orta is one of the quieter lakes in the Lombardo region as it receives comparatively fewer visitors which means that the majority of hotels are closed during the winter.

Lake Maggiore in Lombardo

Lake Maggorie is about 65 km long and is fed primarily the Tresa and Ticino Rivers which are nearby.  The main town on the shores of this lake is Stresa which has a population of about 5,000 and is a good place from which to base your visit to this lake because of its ample accommodation options. Popular activities at this lake in the Lombardo region include regular boat cruises around the lake as well as cycling and walking on the trails of the nearby Mount Mattarone.

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