Things to do in Rome

Are you going on holiday to Rome in Italy? Are you looking forward to doing some sightseeing at Rome’s many historical locations? Our guide to sightseeing in Rome gives you the information & facts you’ll want to know.

The Colosseum is probably the most famous and popular sightseeing attraction in all of Rome. No matter what time of year or time of day you visit the Colosseum in Rome you will encounter hoards of tourists from all over the world taking pictures and exploring the Colosseum. The Colosseum in Rome was the main gladiator arena in ancient Rome and despite its age, its basic structure is still very much in place.

Palatine in Rome

The Palatine in Rome is a vast excavation of a part of the city of ancient Rome and provides some of the most insightful and interesting sightseeing experiences to be had in Rome. The Palatine in Rome used to be the wealthiest residential district of Rome and is replete with the remains of Roman mansions and the royal palace of Emperor Domitian. Set aside at least a few hours to do some sightseeing here as it really is quite a large area.  The Palatine in Rome is situated very close to the Colosseum so it makes sense to see these two sightseeing attractions on the same day. Tickets which allow you access to both of these sightseeing destinations in Rome are available for the price of 8 Euros.

Roman Forum in Rome

The Roman Forum in Rome is an excavated area of what used to be a major market place and public area in the ancient city of Rome. Public buildings and squares with statues on display are among the sightseeing attractions at the roman Forum. Guided sightseeing tours of the forum are available in English and cost 4 Euros. This sightseeing attraction in Rome is open from 9-5 daily.

Capitoline Hill in Rome

Capitoline Hill is ancient Rome’s predecessor to modern day Capital Hill in the USA. This was the headquarters of Rome’s municipal government and city council. A vast area of excavated roman building is on display here and archaeologists are continually uncovering more ruins. One of the sightseeing highlights of a visit to Capitoline Hill in Rome is the statue of Marcus Aurelius in the main public square. In addition, this sightseeing destination in Rome is also home to the World’s oldest museum which is well worth a visit. The church of St Mary in Aracoeli is another major sightseeing attraction to be seen here complete with its magnificent fresco painting on it’s inside walls and a statue of Jesus.

Piazza Venezia in Rome

The Piazza Venezia is the best sightseeing spot to come to in Rome if you are looking for a great view of the city. Today, the Piazza Venezia houses the tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as the basilica of St Mark.

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