Short Haired Portuguese Water Dogs

Interested in short haired Porties? Find out whether Portuguese water dog puppies are the right pet for you…

In Portugal, Portuguese water dogs are called Cão de Água (literally “water dogs”). If you plan on buying a Portuguese water dog puppy you can expect to buy a purebred, non-shedding, hypoallergenic puppy that will mature into a wonderful, intelligent, medium-size dog.

For best results Portuguese water dog puppies should be raised in kennels that provide all kinds of activity. They should be checked by a professional Vet regularly and given their first shots and are micro chipped. Some breeders actually give their Portuguese water dog puppies access to parts of their home like the kitchen, where people are often present for interactivity and socialization.

Many reputable breeders provide as much as a two-year guarantee with their puppies against any hereditary problem that would cause the death of the puppy. Some even go further and guarantee their Portuguese water dog puppies against any sort of serious hereditary problem.

Our modern era has given Portuguese water dog breeders access to tools such as video to promote their businesses. Nowadays it is fairly common for breeders to post videos of their Portuguese water dog puppies cavorting happily in clear blue lakes and in spacious pastures. A personal visit to a kennel or puppy farm is probably still the surest guarantee of excellence when searching for a new pet. Most of those types of visits need to be arranged for by making an appointment, however.

A Portuguese water dog is extraordinarily intelligent, has seemingly endless amounts endurance, bravery and brio. He will be a faithful and true companion and a vigilant watchdog, if so required. This is not however, the dog for everyone. Traits that make this dog an excellent work dog, such as a need for daily challenges and activities; will require you as an owner to provide daily exercise and direction. Portuguese water dogs become lonely and restless in kennels after only a short period of time.

As mentioned above many breeders raise their puppies in their homes as this type of dog thrives in a family setting and is happy, for the most part, in the company of children and adults alike. Any aggressive tendencies are usually the result of a protective instinct around those for whom the dog has developed affection and respect.

Perhaps a little history will serve to account for this breed’s unique character: Portuguese water dogs are an ancient breed. In the olden days they worked off the fishing boats in Portugal. The dogs are strong swimmers, even today, with an inbred love of water.

Portuguese water dogs performed a variety of tasks that may account for the high degree of intelligence and trainability that persists to this day. These included move fishing buoys and nets, herding schools of fish, transporting messages and protecting the catch of Portuguese fishermen from marauding seals.

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