Lidia’s Italy Cookbook

Want to learn more about Lidia’s Italy cookbook? Read on for a review of the Italian cookbook developed by the expert Italian chef, host of an award winning cooking show…

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich is a renowned Italian chef famous for hosting an award-winning cooking show that is aired on public television and for authoring a series of cookbooks. She also runs a total of six high-class restaurants by the name of Esca, Becco, Del Posto and Felidia situated in New York City and she also has a couple of restaurants in Pittsburgh and Kansas City. With years of experience Lidia has developed an expertise in traditional Italian cooking and she is also credited for fusing it with contemporary Western recipes to produce a rich cuisine for the modern masses.

The famous Italian chef also runs her own website where you can get access to a series of Italian recipes, including the ones that are shown on the television show. Her cooking show is one of the highest rated cooking shows in history because of the unique recipes she introduces to the public. Those looking to get access to the complete Italian chef’s manual have the opportunity to purchase Lidia’s Italian cookbook from her website. This will allow you to create the best of Italian dishes with utmost ease in your home.

Lidia’s Italian Cookbook Review

The best of critics have reviewed the latest collection of cookbooks from Lidia and have attested to the fact that they are not your conventional Italian cook books, rather they have something different and unique to offer. The latest book is divided into 10 different chapters, which is a very interesting format that goes in line with her television program. Throughout the course of the book the expert Italian chef takes the reader on a journey through various regions of Italy, making sure to stop over at those places that have a profound effect on her cooking style.

The cookbook offers the reader a lot more than authentic Italian recipes. Lidia’s daughter has also contributed to the book in the form of cultural guides for different areas which have been visited during the course of the book. When compared to the conventional Italian cookbook you can clearly see how this book offers a lot more interesting things to the reader. For those interested in learning how to make exquisite Italian recipes, the book is filled with a total of 140 simple and delicious recipes collected from 10 different regions of Italy.

The good thing about the recipes is that they are hugely varied and quite unusual, yet 100% authentic. This is what will help you to get a homey quality in the Italian dishes that you make using the recipes found in this book. The regions covered in the cookbook include everything from Piomonte to Publia. According to the author of the book the 10 areas that she has visited during the course of writing the book have influenced her cooking a great deal. In this manner the cookbook was a sort of tribute to the regions that shaped her into the cook she is today.


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