Long Italian Names

Looking for a name for your child? Want one of those exotic Italian sounding names? Whether it’s for a boy of a girl, we give you the information & facts regarding long Italian names that you’ll want to know.

The exotic phonetics of Italian names has attracted the attention of a worldwide non Italian public. English speakers in particular have grown fond of Italian names. The improvement in means of mass communication has resulted in an increase in the intermingling of cultures as a result of which many people have now become exposed to Italian names. The victory of Italy’s soccer team in the most recent world cup has also brought about recognition of Italian names as the soccer fans learn the names of their favorite football players. More than anything else people love the way these names sound. The meaning is only secondary when it comes to Italian names. The long and rhythmic Italian names tend to give a sense of individuality to a person. A person with an Italian name in a non Italian surrounding is bound to attract attention.

Long Male Italian Names

People generally like to go for the longer Italian names as they seem to be much more intriguing than a name like Ciro or Carlo. Names like these don’t even sound Italian. But when you have someone with a name like D’abrazzo then you know for sure that it’s from Italy. Moreover it has a cool sound to it and makes you want to know the meaning as well as the person with such a name. Usually we end up forming a notion about an individual when we here their name. But with a name like Guiseppe that you have never heard of before you can’t really say anything about the person. The only thing you can know by the sound of such a name is that it is Italian, not necessarily the individual though.

Choosing Long Italian Names for Your Kids

The practice of naming non Italian children with long Italian names has picked up in recent years. This may not always turn out in favor of the child because he may become an object of ridicule by his schoolmates for possessing such an awkward name. Moreover some Italian names tend to have condescending meanings for the one who possesses it. Non Italians are likely to fall into this trap of choosing a nice sounding long Italian name without known what it really means. Take for example the name Mariella which is an Italian name for girls. However the beautiful sounding name has a rather bitter meaning and that also all too literally, Mariella actually means bitter!

Long Italian Girls Names

There are other cases where a name too long could cause an individual some trouble. This could be when filling out forms because most forms have a limited space for putting in your name. If names like Alessandra, Franchesca and Lorenzo are coupled with a long surname then it may cause some inconvenience. With a little research one can easily find a long Italian name that has a great sound to it along with a beautiful meaning. Arianna meaning very holy one and Graziella meaning grace are a few examples of long Italian names with good meanings for girls. Similarly you will be able to find plenty of long Italian names with good meanings for boys. Gabriele meaning God is my might, Lorenzo meaning man from Laurentum and Vincente meaning conquering are some classic examples.

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