Japanese Teen Hairstyles

Discover the broad spectrum of Japanese teen hairstyles ranging from the totally bizarre to the highly sophisticated looks.

The teenage years are believed to be the years of confusion. This is the philosophy promoted via the silver screen. It is a time when physical and mental changes start occurring in the individual. The teenager is believed to be in a state of self discovery.

This is however a relatively modern concept. Back in the old days a teenage boy or girl was considered to be a mature and helping hand but today’s teenager is on a free roller coaster ride of so called self discovery and surrounded by confusion. The confused teens often display their state of mind through fashion.

When it comes to fashion Japanese teenagers are generally very peculiar about their hairstyle. It is no wonder that there exists a whole library of some of the wackiest Japanese teen hairstyles. Generally the teenage years are supposed to be a transitional stage from cute to cool. So the variety of Japanese teen hairstyles reaches out to both ends of the spectrum.

The Japanese youth is divided with regards to how they want to represent themselves. Both parties are style conscious but have a totally different outlook towards life which is most apparent by their teen hair styles.

The more sober, sophisticated and conservative Japanese teens want to make sure they look and act good in front of their peers. For this reason they seek teen hairstyles that will make them look like responsible young teens and give them the confidence to face their peers.

Then there is the rebellious youth that just doesn’t care about social values and peer pressure. For such teens it is all about self expression for which they can go to extremes. Irrespective of the outlook of life of the youth one thing is for sure when it comes to Japanese teen hairstyles. The shorter and simpler they are the easier it is to manage them.

Many teens are however willing to give up comfort and practicality for the purpose of being fashionable. To the more rational youth this approach does not make any sense but since this outlandish behavior is being promoted by the media there is no stopping the teens who want everything their way without even knowing which way is theirs.

You will find teenage girls making use of hair extensions to create the deception of extra length and thickness. The use of dyes of vibrant colours is also common amongst Japanese teenage girls.

When it comes to the most popular Japanese teen hairstyles then there is nothing that stands in comparison with the spiky look. The most popular hairstyles are centered on this spiky look. It does require a considerable amount of sculpting gel to maintain this Japanese teen look.

Teen bobs haircut is another popular style that sports bangs. This is a one length funky hair cut that is very popular amongst the youth. A large portion of the youth is also inspired by the punk fashion of the 70s and sports the short punk haircut.

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