Loppiano Italy

Want to learn more about Loppiano, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this small Italian town that acts as a melting pot for different cultures…

Loppiano is the name of a small Italian town situated in the Tuscan hills within close proximity to the city of Florence. With a total of 800 inhabitants coming from different ethnic backgrounds the small Italian town is rich with schools, workshops, factories and the farm.

Amongst the nationalities that you can expect to find in Loppiano are Australian, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, North and South American as well as Western and Eastern European nationalities.

You will be able to find the locals in the form of students and teachers, artisans and farmers, professionals and workers as well as people from many different religious backgrounds. The fact that Loppiano’s population consists of people from such diverse backgrounds and fields of life gives it a unique culture.

The idea then for the town of Loppiano was to build a “mini city” with the object of reflecting a new ideology where people from different religious and social backgrounds can coexist in peace and progress.

The concept was first actualized following the Focolare Movement of the 50s. This movement inspired people from different age groups and social conditions to come together at the Valley of Primiero. The gatherings would first be held only in the summer season.

Soon enough the enthusiasts had populated a small town by the name of Mariapolis and thus the small summer experience gained permanent place in the form of the little town of Loppiano.

Loppiano attracts more than 40,000 visitors on a yearly basis. People from all around the world come to this small Italian town to become temporary residents and partake in the unique atmosphere of unity that Loppiano has to offer.

Those living in the town on a continual basis strive hard to stick to the universal commandment of reciprocal love. It is because of the practice of the locals that Loppiano has become the melting point of different cultures and in this regard acts as a lab for testing the unity of cultures amongst people from different social and religious backgrounds.

You will also be able to find many different schools of formation for the members of the various vocations in the Italian town. Currently there are a total of nine recognized schools in Loppiano. The schools are categorized as those specifically catering to people who have consecrated to God; you also have separate schools for families, for priests, for brothers, sisters and for young people. There is also a separate school of formation for the laypeople who are willing to work as volunteers.

Hard work formed the backbone of the economy of Loppiano. Over the passage of time many different working activities have been developed in the region. One of the good things about this locality is that people are very fond of sharing what they have and that includes professionalism as well as their talent. This is why this small Italian town has given birth to some prominent artists in many different genres.

Loppiano is a rich producer of olive oil. It also has a number of workshops that specialize in producing furniture for babies and children. They also have a fashion workshop and boutique along with dedicated artistic studios for sculpture, design, painting and architecture.

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