Sam Simpson Australian Gymnast

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When quizzed about his confidence level and performance during his preparation for the Australian Championships, Sam Simpson Australian gymnast noted that he intends to continue working on his routines and gain more confidence and consistency in time for the 2012 games.

He also commented on his Olympic experience saying that it was the biggest event of its kind that a sportsman can be involved in; he further added that, while the Olympic experience was nothing short of fantastic, his long term goal is to make it onto the team going to London. He said that such goals keep him and the other members of the Australian Gymnastic team motivated for the future and with the Olympic experience behind him he feels that it will further assist his performance.

When quizzed about the level of consistency in his routines at the Australian Championships, Sam Simpson Australian gymnast said that since the nationals are the first gymnastic event of the year, all gymnasts, himself included, are raw and it is difficult to bring a good level of consistency and finesse into the routines at this early stage; also because a lot of routines are new it is hard to achieve a standard level of consistency said the 25 years old Sam Simpson Australian gymnast. So in the beginning the main goal is to just get out there and give it your best shot especially with the new routines and if something works out, it is an added bonus.

Simpson is was ranked first all around in 2004 and second all around in 2005; however his strongest competitors to date remain 2008 champion Joshua Jeffries and 2007 champion Sam Offord. Simpson enjoys a healthy and friendly rivalry with Jeffries who is a distant cousin. If Simpson’s words are to be believed, the three gymnasts have been swapping places for the last 5 years so there is very little competition at the national level for Sam Simpson besides these other two star gymnasts.

Simpson also added that they have had a lot of competitons against and with each over the years both nationally and internationally. And even though they are all competitive, at the same time, the fact remains that if the other gymnast’s wins on a given day they are both happy for him. Simpson was the only Australian male gymnast to make it the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where he finished 39th all-around in qualifications.

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