Short Breaks Italian Riviera

Looking for the perfect getaway short break? Find out how you can recoup and rehabilitate away from the maddening crowd in our guide to short breaks in the Italian Riviera.

The hectic schedules of our everyday lives can put us under great stress. Once in a while we are bound to get tangled up in the blues and feel the need to breakaway from our monotonous routine to revitalize our senses. But what do you do if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands? How can you manage to recoup and rehabilitate in a matter of five working days when you have been working for the rest of the three hundred and sixty days of the year. Although this may seem impossible there is a way you can do this and that is by taking a short break in the Italian Riviera.

Italian Riviera  perfect short break destination

Consider yourselves lying down on a white sandy beach with blue crystalline water in front of you. Cliffs and coves adorn your either side making the whole view amazingly picturesque. Imagine a place giving you the chance to revel in the cool sea breeze no matter what time of the year you go in. Yes the Italian Riviera has all this and more to offer to its visitors. Basically the region is a strip of coastal land that stretches from the border of France all the way down to Tuscany. The mountains and waves along with the wonderful climate and white sandy beaches are maintained throughout this coastal strip. The whole region is great for walking, talking or doing nothing but sitting back and reflecting over the wonders of creation.

The Italian Riviera is one of the few places in the world that has managed to retain its natural beauty and keep safe from becoming a modern concrete jungle. In fact some of the tour operators will schedule your short breaks in such a way so as to take you to some of the most rarely visited places in the region. There are some regions that have not even been exposed to mass tourism and remain largely untouched even by the people who have had the chance to come to the area. This includes inland valleys and old villages which will make you feel as if you are back in the medieval ages.

The Italian Riviera beaches are surrounded by small towns and villages that offer the visitor a chance to intermingle with different kinds of people. This can also be very refreshing for the one who is looking to breakaway from everyday routine work as the chance to see new faces and meet new people will bring a change in the everyday routine. You will also get the chance to witness some marvelous architecture as the region is renowned for possessing unique landmarks and buildings which have been refurnished for the tourists. Indulge in the unique cuisine of the region or take a dip in the crystalline waters, kick back and relax in your rented villa or go hiking on some of the world’s best hiking tracks. You will have all these tension releasing activities power packed into a matter of 4 days to a week which will constitute your short break in the Italian Riviera.

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