Venice Italy Flag

Want to learn more about the Venice Italy flag? Read on for a historical overview of the flag that the Italian city of Venezia adopted in 1997…

The Venice Italy flag is adorned with bright red and yellow colors. It also features a red field with the image of a loin in red color along with an open book. It was in 1996 that the Italian city of Venezia was assigned a new flag along with the new gonfalon, coat of arms as well as a new official seal.

The presidential decree for the adoption of the newly designed flag came on 8 January 1997. The revised emblems were officially presented in a ceremony that was held on 22 May in 1998 at the Ducal Palace in the city of Venezia. During the ceremony, the individuals that presented the emblems were dressed in middle-age costumes.

Venice Italy Flag Description

The new flag featured the same coat of arms as the previous one without having any subtle or obvious connotations of fascism. The newly designed gonfalon had red borders, gold ornaments, gold spheres and four armillary in azure.

The coat of arms is positioned in the center of the flag and has the Italian inscription of “Citta Di Venezia” that translates as the City of Venice. The flag has a number of other ornamental details on its surface. A newly designed seal is also featured on the flag. Slide measures about 100 x 200 cm in size and is decorated with golden frames, red borders and accents of gold.

It also has a number of different emblems which further charge the design. The emblems include the image of the archangel Gabriel, the happy virgin of the Annunciation, the Holy Dove, and The Happy Virgin with the Holy Son, The Evangelist Saint Luke, Saint Mathew, Saint Mark and Saint John symbols.

However, at the center of the flag is the lion of St. Mark along with the Holy Book open in front of it. One can also see the image of the Earth as well as the sea, a castle and three towers. At the end of the flag you will be able to find seven tongues in red and the characteristic gold ornaments featuring azure wheels in the center.

The open book in front of the line of St. Mark’s has four lines on each side. The left side of the page has the following words written in each line; Pax, Tibi, Mar and CE. On the right side, the book features these words; Evan, Geli, Sta and Meus. When translated into English these words mean “Peace to you, o Mark, my evangelist”.

Although many people consider the above-mentioned quotation to be taken from the Bible, in fact it is derived from a medieval legend. According to the legend an angel presented itself to St. Mark during his journey from Aquileia to Rome and uttered these words along with the addition of “Here your body will rest”. The fact that these words are not taken from the Bible also suggests that the open book featured on the Venice Italy flag is in fact not the Bible.


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