Turkish Angora Cats

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Turkish Angora cats are a breed of domestic cat native to Turkey. It is an ancient breed which occurred naturally and was not the result of cross breeding. They descended from African wildcats which had been brought by traders coming to Turkey from Egypt. These cats were isolated in the mountainous Turkish region of Anatolia. Present day Angora cats are developed from natural selection and through in breeding.

Originally from the Central Ankara region of Turkey, Turkish Angora cats are fine boned creatures with a startling and exquisite silky white coat. This distinctive white coat covers Angora cats in medium long fur, unlike many other breeds of domestic cats. These cats have no undercoat.

Turkish Angora cats have sharp, pointed and large ears. Angora cats often keep their tails parallel to their backs. The eyes of Angora cats are as beautiful a feature as their shimmering white coats. They have pure blue eyes. Sometimes amber and green are other colors evident in this breed of cat. Occasionally, Angora cats will have one blue and one amber eye. Blue eyed cats may be deaf, as the gene responsible for the blue eyes and white coat is connected to auditory ability. Deaf Angora cats can lead a perfectly normal life indoors.

In recent times, the fur of Turkish Angora cats displays a reddish, blue or black hue. There is no lavender or cinnamon colored fur for Angora cats. In ancient times, the Angora cats were bred with Persian cats to improve the coats of the Persian. This almost resulted in the extinction of this incredibly beautiful Turkish cat.

Breeding Of Turkish Angora Cats

The Turkish government, recognizing the distinct heritage of Turkey in the Turkish Angora cats, began a breeding program with the Ankara Zoo to sustain the population of the cats. The pure white cats with blue and amber eyes are classified as a national treasure of Turkey. The Ankara Zoo has a sophisticated cat breeding facility which prizes odd eyed Angora cats. These are cats that have one blue and one amber eye.

Turkish Angora cats are exquisite animals that make fascinating household pets with their long silky white coats and bright blue eyes. Now considered a prize of Turkey, Angora cats defy description in their uniqueness. This beautiful species once suffered from falling birth rates but the timely intervention of the Turkish government to increase the population of Angora cats through breeding programs will ensure that this remarkable Turkish treasure will continue to flourish.

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