Venice Italy landscape

There is no city on the face of this planet like Venice. Find out about the natural wonders that the region has to offer as we uncover the unique landscape of Venice.

The city of Venice seems to be an exquisite art piece itself. The building materials of this art piece are stone, water and light. When combined together they give you the most serene city that the world has ever seen. There is no other city in the world that is as unique as this city. The thing that makes Venice stand out from the rest of the regions is the fact that the whole city is built on top of a lagoon. Hence you will see people traveling by boats as their daily routine which is a very uncommon sight elsewhere in the world.

The city of Venice also has some major tourist attractions like San Marco, the Grand Canal and Rialto. One of the most interesting things that the city has to offer is the romantic gondola ride which gives you to experience the landscape of the city Italian style. The gondolas are rowing boats that are used as a means of transportation on the Venetian waterways. Furthermore the city hosts some of the most fabulous architectural masterpieces by some of the most renowned architects that have passed over the centuries. You will be able to see the works of greats like Selva, Gae Aulenti, Sansovino, and Cicogna. The Venetian palaces, churches and houses bring out the elements that differentiate Venetian architecture from the rest.

The beauty of the city actually reflects itself in a kaleidoscopic view on the surface of the water of the lagoon. Castello and Cannaregio are quiet neighborhoods that will let you enjoy the beauty of the landscape of Venice while experiencing the simple lifestyle of the people of these towns who are artisans and merchants. Experiencing Venice in person reveals why many great artists like Veronese, Tiepolo an Canaletto found their inspiration from the city.

The Natural Side

The beauty of Venice extends to the surrounding islands that are situated on the lagoon. Floating on the lagoon you are able to get the bigger picture of the Venetian landscape. The beauty of nature becomes much more obvious when viewed upon from a distance. You can even get the chance to educate your selves about the intricate ecology of the lagoon and the different flowers, plants, fish and birds that are part and parcel of it. Furthermore some of the islands surrounding Venice are known to possess amazing restaurants that can hold feasts that are fit for a king.

It takes quite a while for a first timer to absorb all that Venice has to offer. But once he starts to resume his footing on the ground he is struck by the realization of the lack of greenery in the city. The truth of the matter is that Venice has a lot of greenery but it is concealed from the eyes of the public by huge walls. Behind these walls lie amazing private gardens of the elite who are known to love them more than anything else. The city actually has some of the finest gardens you will be able to see in Europe.

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