Venice Italy real estate

Want to know why you should buy real estate in Venice? Find out what this beautiful city has to offer and the reason why buying real estate is a great investment and yet not too big.

Everyone is well aware of the astounding beauty of the city of Venice. With its marvelous landscape the city stands unparalleled in terms of the awe inspiring ambiance that it has. The good news for foreign investors is that there is a bundle of superb property for sale in an around the area. Some of the well built towns like Padua, Verona, Treviso and more have excellent investment opportunities in terms of real estate. The fact that these places have excellent air and road links further accentuates the value of the area.

How come there is so much real estate to buy in Venice?

There is a big secret behind the reason why there is so much incredible property open for sale to foreign investors in Venice. The fact is that along with sinking, the population of the city is decreasing at an incredibly fast pace. From 175,000 inhabitants in the 50’s the city has lost most of them and has come down to a mere 65,000 people. This rate of decrease is inflating as each year passes by. For the Venetians this emigration is a source of great distress as they hate to see this beautiful city die out. This is the reason why more and more foreigners are being welcomed to come and buy property in Venice.

As a foreigner you will have a wide range of options when it comes to real estate in Venice. The only bargain that you have to make is that you have to be willing to become permanent residents of the city. If you analyze then that isn’t such a bad deal given the amazing beauty, peace and serenity that Venice has to offer. Holiday homes however are very much discouraged. This is because they tend to be quite a bane for the society especially the while it is depopulating at such a fast rate. Hence as a foreigner you will not be encouraged to have a holiday home in the city rather they want you in as one of their own.

The good thing that this has resulted in is that there is a lot of property for sale in Venice. Moreover you will hardly feel the pressure of competition because there are not many people keen on buying real estate in Venice. If you have been thinking that property in Venice is very expensive then now is the time to change your perception because the truth is quite the contrary to this.

Up until recent years Venice was one of the most visited lands and still experiences an influx of seasonal visitors. This has led to the development of a solid infrastructure especially in the form of communications. You have a number of international airports in an around the area such as the Venice Marco Polo, Forli, Brescia and Treviso. Other than that the road network is excellent as well and provides good connections with France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the rest of Italy.


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