Swedish Fish Candy

Swedish Fish Candy is a favorite candy with kids in the United States. Read our guide below for more facts and information on this delicious candy…

Swedish Fish Candy is a great treat for kids of all ages. Celebrate the festive season with these yummy candy treats; be it birthdays, parties or Christmas.

About Swedish Fish

This candy has been created by “Malaco”, a Swedish company that manufactures candy. It is shaped like a fish and its flavors are created to cater to the North American market. Malaco commenced its operations in 1958 by exporting some products to North America. As their export grew in numbers by the 1960’s and 70’s, they were producing Swedish Berries and Swedish Fish specifically for the North American customer base. Later leaf International acquired Malaco.

Product Line

As the popularity of Swedish Fish grew, the product line was expanded and the first extension was “Swedish Shells”. Although the color, flavor and composition of the Swedish shells were absolutely the same as Swedish fish, the variation was only in the shape of the candy that was now shaped like a sea-shell and not a fish. These shell shaped candies were available in 4 flavors namely lemon, cherry, lime and orange. The Broadway Department Store chain was the first store to retail Swedish shells. In the year 2006, the brand “Swedish Fish” was bought by Cadbury Adams Company.


This is one of the few gum candies that does not have gelatin. Its ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, invert sugar, citric acid, modified corn starch, white mineral oil, carnauba wax and artificial colors.

About Sour Patch Kids

This is a soft candy with a sour sugar coating. Sour Patch Kids is its most popular variant amongst kids. They are also available in a combo pack with Swedish Fish and sold as “Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish Candy”. They also launched a limited edition in 2009 during Christmas to cater to the growing demand amongst kids during the festive season. It was initially known as “Mars men” and had tiny alien shaped candies. In the year 1978 the concept of sour coating on the candy was introduced that made it the first candy to have a sour coating. It is available in orange, lemon, watermelon, cherry, lime, grape and raspberry flavors. These candies have no gelatin and are apt for vegetarians too.  They are also produced by Cadbury Adams and their factory is in Hamilton. It is Cadbury’s Schweppes best selling candy. The total fat content of the candy is 0%, carbohydrates are 17% and sodium is 2%. In a 56g serving, the sugar is 36 g, protein is 0 and the total caloric content is 210.

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