Wide Italian Shoes

Are you interested in buying a pair of wide Italian shoes and would like to know how they are better than their locally manufactured counterparts? Then read our informative and factual guide…

Last month for my cousins wedding, my sister and I decided to go out and shop for new dresses, shoes and accessories, While on our window shopping spree, we quickly found a store that had the most gorgeous shoes that I had ever laid eyes on. As a matter of fact one particular pair was so extraordinary that I just had to have it.  We went inside and although the shoes were not cheap, I bought them.

However, we still hade a lot of shopping to take care of, so I simply put on my new pair of shoes and went from store to store. By the time we were done visiting about 4 shops, my feet were killing me. It almost felt like I had nasty cuts on them. So, I went to the ladies room and I was horrified to see the state of my feet when I took off my so called gorgeous shoes; my feet were full of painful, angry blisters.

It took several days for my feet to heal enough for me to be able to wear a decent pair of shoes again. However, the experience taught me a very important lesson. Regardless of how good the shoes look, if you are not comfortable in them, all the money that you spent to buy them will go down the drain.

Now, since I have what I like to call duck feet, I spoke to a foot doctor who recommended that I always wear wide shoes. Unfortunately, the locally manufactured versions are so ugly that I might as well move around in my bunny slippers. But a second round of blisters was not an option either even if it meant that I would have to spend more.

While rummaging through several shoe stores I found my very first pair of Italian wide shoes, I slipped my feet into them to try out the pair and I was in love. They were the softest and most comfortable shoes that I had ever worn and the best part is that they were not the ugly box shaped footwear that some of the other stores stocked. Since then I am hooked on to Italian wide shoes which are available in a variety of designs and colors. So, I can match them with just about any outfit formal or casual and they are trendy enough to be worn to any event.

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