Health Care Issues Mexico

Want to know what the main health care issues in Mexico are? Want to know the state of the health care system in Mexico? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Mexico Health CareOne of the greatest health care issues for people living in the United States is the high cost of medical insurance.

An average health care insurance policy can cost as much as $5,000.  For this reason more and more people in the US are looking south of the border to Mexico for answers to their health care issues.

In comparison to the costs of receiving medical treatment in the US, going to the doctor or dentist in Mexico is comparatively cheaper and becoming a popular course of action for many US citizens fed up of having to pay the high prices of medical treatment in the US.

Mexico Health Care System

Another interesting health care related issue in Mexico is the existence of the Instituto Medicina de Segura Social, or IMSS. According to this scheme, anyone who has bought property in Mexico is entitled to receive health care in Mexico through membership of this scheme.

The annual cost of membership to this scheme is less than $400, which is less than one tenth of what medical coverage in the states would cost. In fact, in order to qualify for the medical coverage scheme you need not own a property in Mexico but you simply have to be a legal resident there.

Health Care Policy in Mexico

The Mexican medical insurance policy covers a wide range of health care issues and is in fact much wider in scope than many American healthcare policies that don’t include many medications, deductibles and various procedures.

A prime example of this is the difference that Mexican and US health care policies take in relation to pre existing conditions. In the US when you sign up to a health care policy you have to declare any pre existing medical conditions you already have.

These conditions are often not included in the policy coverage or if they are they involve high surcharges. The Mexican health care plan by contrast allows your pre existing condition to be fully covered after only two years of membership under the IMSS plan.

Health Care Standards

Many people often arrive at the conclusion that because healthcare in Mexico is so cheap compared to the US, the quality of medical attention and knowledge about health care issues in Mexico must be lacking.

This is completely false. Not only are Mexican hospitals equipped to a first world standard with modern equipment and hygienic practices, but many Mexican doctors and dentists in fact received their training in the US.

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