Fishing in Negril Jamaica

Negril is perfectly placed for fishing enthusiasts of all kinds. If you are planning a Jamaican fishing vacation read our guide for more facts & information…

Located on the west coast of the island nation, there are many vendors that offer deep sea fishing excursions. Fisherman can also opt to fish from the shore casting into the waves of the blue Caribbean. For those who prefer fresh water fishing, the Black River is located just south of Negril and small boat fishing excursions may be booked through native fishermen.

Deep Sea Fishing in Negril, Jamaica

Just 15 minutes from the coast are productive waters for deep sea fishing. It’s easy to charter a well-equipped sport fishing boat for a day on the water. Fishermen may catch blue and white marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin in the clear Caribbean waters. The best time of year for large blue marlin is in the late summer and early fall. Jamaica hosts a number of fishing tournaments each year which draw anglers from around the globe. The most prestigious of these is the Port Antonio International Billfish Tournament which is usually held in October. Fishing charters should be booked at least 24 hours in advance and the average cost for a full day’s charter is between $600 and $750 dollars (U.S.)

Shore Fishing in Negril

Fishermen in the know recommend fishing from the cliffs just south of Negril rather than from the beach. The shallow waters along Seven Mile Beach do not offer much in the way of fish, but the deeper waters off the cliffs can yield Wahoo, Dolphin, tuna and barracuda. Fishermen don’t need a license and there is no limit on shore fishing, in fact there are no regulations for shore fishing at all. Barracuda are aggressive and can be dangerous so they need to be handled with care. Locals advise against eating too much barracuda since the fish are high in mercury and occasionally eat things which may be toxic to humans. Eels are also fairly common to this area and take some special handling.

Small boat Fishing in Negril, Jamaica

It is possible to rent small fishing boats for fishing close to shore or along the Black River which is south of Negril. In addition to fishing, excursions through the nature preserve on the Black River are available. Some fishermen have indicated that the best time to fish on the Black River is at dusk near the mouth of the river where it flows into the Caribbean. However it is best to undertake this type of fishing with a native guide since it can be dangerous.

There is fishing for every kind of fishing enthusiast in and around Negril. Whether you want to spend a day dropping a line off the cliffs or charter a boat for deep sea fishing, it is suggested that you speak to some native fishermen ( the natives are very friendly) about the best locations, baits and equipment.

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