Big Bear Lake Fishing

For a fishing experience you will never forget you should do some Big Bear Lake fishing. If you have the lake fishing itch and want Big Bear Lake to scratch it then read our guide for more facts and information...
Big Bear Lake Fishing

You can hardly talk about California fishing without mentioning or hearing about Big Bear Lake. Anglers who have had the good fortune of visiting there can vouch for the quality trout and bass that can be found in those waters.

This is by no means a ‘pay lake’. It is FREE to fish there. If you need anything like a fishing license, a guide, lodging, or bait;  it is all available to you at a reasonable price. The lake is huge. The length is around 6 miles long with 22 miles of shoreline. It is heavily stocked with trout.

The trout are a big attraction but there are also plenty of large and smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and some really big catfish. The record rainbow trout came in at 21 pounds and the record catfish at 36. There are RV hookups and great camping sites available to make your experience enjoyable.

If you are a troller you might want to give the old ‘Rapala’ a try. These are working especially well among the three to four pound Rainbow Trout. The Crappie along with the Bluegill are found hanging around the weed beds and docks. For these you can use a mini-jig or just a small bait with a bobber. Kids love this type of fishing.

Big Bear Lake Fishing. Visibility And Water Temps

The fishing is best when the water temperatures are around the low to mid 60′s. The lake was recently stocked as it shifts into its summer mode. The water clarity is good with visibility being normal down to about ten feet.

The Catfish generally start  biting on stink baits once the water begins to warm up. The action has really picked up near the East end near Stanfield Cutoff. This is expected to continue through the season.

Bowfishing Notice And Rental Access

If you like bowfishing the carp are beginning to populate into the shallows for spawning. That makes for some great bowfishing especially during the morning hours.

Remember that all anglers at Big Bear Lake over the age of 16 are required to have their fishing licenses. There are several places spread throughout the valley where you can purchase yours.

There are two marinas where you can rent tackle, buy your license, and purchase bait. One is ‘Big Bear Marina’ and the other is ‘Holloway’s Marina’. You can also rent things like:

  • Kayaks;
  • Canoes;
  • Windsurfers;
  • Paddleboats;
  • Water-Ski Packages;
  • Boats;
  • Boat Drivers;
  • Equipment;
  • Instructors.

This lake is far more than just one of the hottest fishing spots going, it is a great vacation spot with plenty of fun activities for the whole family. Tourists love the Big Bear Mountain scenery and the watersports available on the lake.

If you love to fish or just love getting out on the water for a day of fun then you should consider Big Bear Lake. There are events held throughout the summer like concerts and contests to keep you entertained. There is much to see and lots to do. It is truly a vacation spot where you can get away from it all and enjoy a true fisherman’s paradise.

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