Catfishing in Spain

Want to learn more about catfishing in Spain? Read on for facts and info on catfishing holidays in Spain…

Catfishing is a popular sport in Spain. Anglers from all over Europe make their way to the country to take advantage of the large population of oversized catfish found in Spain. The River Ebro is by far the top venue for catfishing in Spain and is often frequented by visitors from all over the world.

The River Ebro actually drains off from the Iberian River and is regarded as being the longest river running through Spain. The river flows over a total surface area of 7802 ha. It has eight plant species and about 69 variants of vertebrate fauna. It is also home to about 95 different breeds of bird whereas many other migratory birds stop over at the river.  Along with this it has a massive population of catfish which are noted for their massive size and hence it is the top location for catfishing in Spain.

Interested individuals will find guided catfishing tours of River Ebro. There are many specialist travel and tourism agencies that arrange escorted tours in which the tourists are accompanied by an expert team of fishermen with skill in catching catfish in Spain. On these tours you will also be provided with suitable accommodation close to the fishing vicinity.

The river is known for yielding 200 lb+ catfish especially upstream. Along with the abundance of catfish prey you will be able to find large quantities of mullet and small carp. Despite the fact that the river has become the most prominent and popular site for catfishing it has an ever-growing population of this particular breed of fish.

Guided fishing tours to Spain offer immense benefits to individuals looking to engage in this specific activity. Not only will you have an expert fisherman guiding you along the way but you will also be provided with the best fishing equipment and bait that will ensure that you have a great fishing time. By opting for a guided fishing tour you can avail yourself of the accommodation choices and plan the whole vacation for your family.

Different parts of the river offer a totally different fishing experience. It has been observed that the best place to catch catfish in the region is towards the lower end of the river. This place falls next to the Spanish towns of Amposta, Deltebre andd Tortosa which gives the tourists a chance to engage in and explore these traditional fishing villages. In order to facilitate the traveling fisherman high standard accommodations have been set up in these villages which provide easy access to the best fishing spots on the river.

The lower Ebro also has fantastic scenery along the way which further adds to a pleasurable fishing experience. The landscape gives you a view of mountains and the entire area has been relatively unspoiled by tourism. Another factor that adds value to this particular location is the fact that it is one of the lesser fished areas, which means that you will be able to find better quality catfish there.

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