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Want to learn more about the Huichol Indian culture? Read on for facts and info about this historical Native Indian tribe and their contributions to the culture…

Mexican culture is simple and unique in its presentation and depicts a great deal of imagination. It is fascinating to study the native culture and art because it gives you insight into a different way of processing art.

One of the most fascinating sources of art from Mexico originates from the Huichol people. They utilize symbolism to create beautiful samples of art in the simplest form.

History and Origin of the Huichol Indians

Huichol Indians originate from the Aztec tribe and there are only a few thousand surviving since the Spanish invasion. They were towards keeping a viable and sustainable culture even with the advancement of local Mexicans into their territory and amalgamation of their cultural values. This tribe of native Indians inhabits the hills in the north western region of Mexico and is famous for the different face masks with bead detail and also bowls created out of the same technique.

With their constant focus on retaining their cultural values and traditional heritage the native Huichols are perhaps the only Indians who have not completely lost their identity and amalgamated with Western culture. They still tend to live as they did in the pre-Columbian era. They are very endearing and soft hearted people who cling to their cultural and traditional values like the way of life, the language and different customs that used to prevail previously. They fantasize and depict their past in a romantic manner and idealize the lifestyle of their ancestors, the Aztecs.

Beautiful Artwork of the Huichol Indians

Apart from this the paintings made out of yarn are very popular and famous depicting their skills in the creation of unique art piec/stronges. Huichol Indians are also known for their fondness for eating the cactus plant called Peyote.

This native Indian tribe creates amusing and interesting art items like the ceremonial rattle which is utilized by the medicine man or in different ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. Apart from this the interesting yarn weaving technique is utilized for creating bottles and paintings.

The bead art has now become very popular with students of art schools and especially used to teach young children in smaller classes the art of creating crafts from yarn and beads.

These yarn paintings depict beautiful and vivid visions of the Mexican landscape and the Huichol Indian works towards creating dreams and tribal stories in this piece of art. If you happen to come across a large canvas you will often be able to see the narrative describing the art scene attached to the backside of the painting.

There is a great influence of their relationship with nature and the universe in their art and rituals. They tend to preserve their spiritual identity by hanging onto the different rituals and crafts. In fact the rich traditional ceremonies and spirituality are reflected in the very visual art that is created by the craftsmen from that tribe.

In fact it is amazing to go and visit these people and be drawn into a world that seems to be suspended in time and dates back to 2000 years ago. It is truly a lifetime experience to visit their sanctuary in the Sierra Madre Mountains in northwestern Mexico to discover the beautiful and simplistic culture preserved till today.


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