Jamaican Jerk Rub Seasoning Recipe

Jamaican and island cooking are becoming popular in the United States. This has led many people to want to know how to make jerk chicken or jerk pork at home. Read our guide for more facts and information…

You can find all types of jerk rub recipes. Some of these will include a seemingly endless number of ingredients and leave you scratching your head and thinking again about making that jerk rub at home. This does not have to be the case, as some recipes are done easily.

Ingredients Definitely Needed

Most makers of jerk rub seasoning all agree on three main ingredients: allspice, scotch bonnet peppers and thyme.

The allspice berry, also known as “Jamaica Pepper” makes a spice that resembles a combination of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Scotch bonnet peppers are small, wrinkly and orange. They are among the hottest peppers to be found. Thyme of course, is a spice readily found and it is used widely in Jamaican cooking.

It’s best to buy the ingredients fresh and toast them together in a dry skillet until crisp. Then you can drain them and grind them up together. Remove the seeds from the peppers to cut down on the heat. Either blend the ingredients in a blender or mash all ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Remember to wear gloves for this task as the scotch bonnet peppers are hot. Also if you use a blender, be sure to clean it well after use.

Put these ingredients along with a small amount of juice of your choice such as lime juice or orange juice into a blender. Blend this together until you get a white pasty mixture. You now have your Jamaican jerk rub seasoning.

Prepare the Meat

Score the meat about an eighth of an inch in several spots. Take the seasoning mixture and rub well into the meat so that all of the meat receives the seasoning.


The only real way to cook jerk chicken or other meats is on the grill. Put the prepared cuts on the grill and cook slowly so that the meat becomes done and the jerk flavoring is cooked in.

If you try this and find the seasoning is too hot for you, you can substitute a milder pepper for the scotch bonnet peppers. You’ll still get most of the flavor of the islands that you have been trying for, and it may be more stomach friendly to some of your family and friends.

You may want to share this recipe with your friends as well. You might also encourage them to find other Jamaican recipes and everyone get together and have a real Jamaican cookout party. Be sure to include rice and peas and fried plantains for a real taste of the islands.

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