Large Jamaican Fruit

If you would like to put something new on the table, you might try some large Jamaican fruit. The fruits discussed here are staples of the Jamaican diet, but not many Americans are familiar with them. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Many of us have heard of the ugli fruit, but have never seen one or certainly never eaten one. The outward appearance of the ugli fruit is a definite turnoff. It is a hideous and lumpy grapefruit sized fruit. It has a poor complexion and may have brown spots to it. It is a cross between a mandarin orange and a pomelo grapefruit. It was discovered in 1914 in Brown’s Town, Jamaica, a mistake of nature by accidentally cross breeding seeds.

If you do not let the looks turn you away, you will be in for a treat. It peels very easily and can be eaten like a tangerine or you can halve it like a grapefruit. It is tartly sweet, but when stored too long it becomes bitter. You may store it up to five days at room temperature or for fourteen days refrigerated.

Ackae Fruit

This is not overly large, but is the size of a large pear. It is pear shaped and its skin is bright red in color. When split open it contains three large black seeds. The meat of the fruit is soft and creamy white to yellow. This is well loved by Jamaicans and has been called the national fruit.

Otaheite Apple

The otaheite apple or Malay apple is an oblong to pear shaped fruit. It has a red skin and whit flesh. Although this is often eaten as a treat, it may be used as a remedy for diabetes and constipation.


It was the breadfruit tree that Captain Bligh was bringing back to England when the mutiny on the Bounty happened. The fruit of the breadfruit tree is the size of a large melon. The outside is green and the flesh resembles a potato. The flesh may be used for savory or sweet dishes.

Mammy or Mammy Apple

This fruit is large and round and grows up to seven pounds. Its skin is light brown with a creamy flesh. The mammy tastes very much like a mango.


The soursop grows up to six pounds and has a green and spiky skin. The fruit is creamy and may be eaten by itself or used to make ice cream or juice.

Stinking Toe

If the name of this fruit does not turn you off, the smell might. Also called “Tinkin Toe” by Jamaicans, the seed look like large toes and the fruit itself smells like actual smelly toes. The fruit is delicious and sweet. Besides being eaten it is used in folk medicine to remedy headaches and rheumatism.

These fruits may look strange, but be brave and give some a try. Don’t forget that we already eat some Jamaican fruit such as the mango, papaya and avocado.

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