Fireglow Japanese Maple

Discover the red hot Japanese maple tree coined as the fireglow Japanese maple.

The Japanese maple family has a large number of impressive trees. Each specimen is a masterpiece in its own right. The different variations seem to be representing different personalities or at least we can say that they have their very own obvious characters.

The Fireglow Japanese maple is one of the more animated varieties that have a strong personality. This particular specimen is a very impressive tree. Known for its vigorous nature the Fireglow Japanese maple is a very reliable tree. This means that it is resilient to extreme weathers and has a strong immune system to defend it self from diseases and pests.

As the name suggests the Fireglow Japanese maple burns with red hot flaming desire when it reaches full maturity. The fiery glow is the unique selling point of this particular specimen.

Although the Fireglow is known for its vigorous nature it does not compare in over all size with the bloodgood. This actually makes it an even more versatile tree than its cousins. Because it is not too tall and does not take up too much space it can easily find its place in any garden and can also be pruned as a container plant.

In some respects one can draw a strong similarity between the fireglow and the bloodgood. The difference however lies in the details. With respect to the leaves the fireglow does not sport leaves as deeply divided as the bloodgood. Rather they have a more intense shade of red which stays the same way throughout most of the summer season.

As the name suggests the fireglow thrives in hot and sunny conditions. As fall approaches the red colour of the leaves starts to turn towards purple suffused with green. When you see the sun shine off the bright red leaves you will not need to guess where the tree gets its name from.

Cultivating fireglow maples

As far as the cultivar is concerned it comes in an upright tree/shrub type shape and has a number of slender dark red shoots. Although fiery in terms of its appearance this particular specimen is slow to grow. It will take around ten years for the tree to reach a height of 6 to 10 feet. At its zenith the tree can reach up to a maximum height of 12-15 feet.

The initial development of this particular breed took place in Italy at a nursery known as Fratelli Gilardelli outside of Milan. The catchy name for the tree was coined in the Netherlands. The fireglow in its essence is considered to be an enhanced clone of the bloodgood hence when it comes to choosing between the two there isn’t much to debate because you can go with either.

The tree, when grown to its full standard is ideal for gardens as well as parks. The mature fireglow maple tree has a rounded crown that gives it a great overall shape. Another plus point of the fireglow is that it can thrive on most soils making it a highly versatile specimen of the Japanese maple family.

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