Bed And Breakfast Hotels In Carlsbad California

Are you looking for bed and breakfast hotels in Carlsbad, California? Would like to know more about the advantages of choosing bed and breakfast hotels in Carlsbad, California? Read through our guide to find all the information you need…

Bed and breakfast hotels have become extremely popular among travelers in the past few years.  While there is no doubt that there are a number of great hotels that you can book a reservation in Carlsbad, California, bed and breakfast hotels provide a lot more benefits for travelers that hotels and motels simply cannot provide.

Advantages Of Bed And Breakfast Hotels

For one thing, bed and breakfast hotels in Carlsbad, California are situated on back roads and quaint communities in most popular destinations in the state of California.  This being the case, travelers opting to book a reservation at a bed and breakfast hotel in Carlsbad are able to escape the hustle and bustle of the downtown city life that would often greet you the moment you get down the hotel or motel entrance.  Another reason is the service provided in bed and breakfast hotels in Carlsbad, California.  Instead of employed staff members providing the service to the guests, it is the owners of the bed and breakfast that attend to the needs of the guests during their entire stay.  As such, they are provided with a more personal service.  In essence, guests feel more welcomed and their needs are more attended to as compared to staying in a hotel or motel where guest relations services can be quite impersonal.

Some Popular Hotels

One of the most popular bed and breakfast hotels in Carlsbad, California is the Pelican Cove.  Located 200 yards from one of the top ten most famous beaches in California, the Pelican Cove offers guests a variety of rooms with different themes ranging from the cozy and comfortable to the extremely romantic.  Hotel room rates here range from about $95/night to $215/night.  Each of the rooms comes with European-style feather beds, private baths, and individual room entrances.   One of the favorite rooms that can be reserved by guests to this hotel is the La Jolla Room.  Considered the “jewel” of all the rooms in this bed and breakfast hotel, the La Jolla Room provides its guests with the ultimate romantic escape.  Apart from the extremely comfortable feather bed, this black-and-champagne colored room also comes with its very own large spa tub as well as a vanity table and window seats that offer a spectacular view.  Reservations for this room is priced at $185 per night, which includes all meals, which you can enjoy in the inside parlor, in the garden patio, or right in bed.  This is a definite must for couples that are looking for a place to celebrate their wedding anniversaries or simply to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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