Japanese Hairstyles

Intrigued by hairstyles from Japan? Discover what the library of Japanese hairstyles has to offer.

There is something about Japanese hairstyles that makes them different from other hairstyling trends circulating around the world. With a history of more than 4500 years and the influence of various cultures the collection of Japanese hairstyles does have some of the most unique hairstyles ranging from the most sophisticated sober beautiful gorgeous to the most bizarre.

In modern times Japanese hairstyling has become more of an art form. The influence of the mass media has given birth to a new culture that is a mix between the western influences and ancient traditions. As a result some very interesting often whacky and innovative hairstyles have come about.

Japanese Hairstyles for Men

The history of Japan reveals many changing traditions with regards to Japanese hairstyles for men. The sumo wrestlers had their own tradition of keeping long hair that was tied up in a bun at the back of their heads. Then you had the ninjas and the samurais with their own hairstyling.

Today however you will find great diversity amongst Japanese hairstyles for men. The more sophisticated and sober class of society goes with the short and neat easy to manage slightly spiky look. This is the hair cut for the executive class.

Out on the streets the scene is quite different. You have the rock guys with their outlandish rockabilly hairdos that are a Japanese adaptation of the rock scene of the west. The Mohawk hairdo that was in fashion in the 70s is back on the streets in Japan.

Also popular amongst the youth of Japan is the punk style with ultra spiky almost gravity defying hair that is grown like wild grass. It requires a considerable amount of sculpting gel to hold up the spikes. Such haircuts are short from the sides and long and spiky from the top.

Japanese Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to Japanese hairstyles for women the choices are overwhelming. The historic bun at the back of the head is definitely not the fashion of the day. However the traditional straight hair look with bangs in the front is the most popular Japanese hairstyle for women.

The Japanese treatment of bangs varies according to the length of the hair. The object is to have a part of the face covered with some hair so as to create a mysterious look. Japanese hairstyles for women are actually modeled around complete styles such as the gothic Lolita fashion that has its own set of hairstyles that go with the whole look.

On the other hand you have some of the most amazing Japanese hairstyles for women. Short hair cuts with inward curls are particularly popular in today’s times.

Anime Hairstyles

A relatively new and unique trend is that of cartoon and video game character inspired hairstyles. Japanese hairstylists have attempted to translate the cartoon character look on to real life subjects which has produced some very interesting results.

The anime hairstyles that are practiced are the ones that are feasible to do so. Not all cartoon character hairstyles can be imitated in real life because they would be too impractical.

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