French Door Brands

French door brands offer a myriad of features pertinent to aesthetics, utility and safety, allowing consumers to choose from a diverse range that suits their needs. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Originally designed as patio doors, French doors have retained their renown over the centuries and have evolved into innovative designs and styles. They have invariably adorned French homes, ranging from stone chalets to chateaux. The elegance, pragmatism and traditionalism exuded by these doors have set the standard for a variety of design elements that are widely used even today. The following section discusses about the innovative features and designs in the latest brands.

How to place an order for French doors

French doors are typically characterized by wood and glass panels, which are crafted in a multitude of ways to provide an assortment of patterns as well as designs. The main purpose is to allow generous light transmission into the interiors, rendering a spacious and airy atmosphere. Though bespoke French doors are the norm for making an optimal choice, placing an order is a highly involved task. It is vital to provide accurate measurements to the supplier to ensure a perfect fit and proper operation. Other aspects that must be considered include door type, size of opening, design, handing specifications, veneer type and finish.   A pre-hung door type comes with the frame installed, allowing quick alignment. Handing specifications pertain to left hand doors and right hand doors depending on the position of the hinges.

Options offered by manufacturers

Manufacturers offer plenty of options, ranging from the wood type and design to the surface finish. The wood type options include oak, birch, mahogany, cherry and maple. Most often the door units are primed and come ready for painting. Renowned manufacturers like Masonite, Marvin and Anderson Patio Sliders & French Doors provide customized services that cater to different situations. For instance, when the traditional two-door model that locks in the center is not suitable for wider-than-usual openings, manufacturers offer bi-folding doors that require lesser space to open. Further, they offer single and multi-panel options, and metal frames with slimmer profiles.

High-end features of the latest brands

Advanced manufacturing methods allow for innovative and energy efficient features, in an attempt to meet the ever-changing needs of the environment. The value is augmented by expert craftsmanship, superior quality materials and unmatched designs.  UPVC doors are known for their energy efficient design, made from steel or aluminum parts with a range of accessories and profiles for customized designs.  Astragal systems with advanced locking mechanisms not only add to the quality and fit of the door but also enhance the looks of the French door unit.

The variety of panel and glass designs, patterns, and choice of wood used in modern French door brands create a notable design difference in a home. Available in painted and stained finishes, these doors exude the charm of glass when blended in a wood construction.

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