Handmade Japanese Samurai Swords

Looking for a samurai sword from Japan? Find out about the uniqueness of Japanese samurai swords and where you can get your hands on them today.

The samurai phenomenon is an important part of Japanese history. This unique warrior class that was formed during the shogun rule of Japan was unlike any other. It was the only class of people allowed to carry their swords with them. They were even free to chop off the heads of anyone who would dare to mess with them.

Although the samurai class has long vanished into oblivion there still remain their memories and some very interesting weaponry in the form of Japanese samurai swords. But naturally the mysterious samurai tradition has attracted world wide attention and so have the historical swords that have been well preserved since the days of the warrior class.

Uniqueness of samurai swords

Antique samurai swords used a single blade. They were single edged swords and went by the name of chokuto. With time however the samurai swords underwent modifications and by the 8th century the curved samurai swords had been introduced.

The curved samurai swords had an added advantage. It was much easier to draw out the curved sword from the scabbard as compared to the straight blade. This gave the samurai an edge during combat.

Samurai swords can be classified into three main categories. The biggest of them measures over 24 inches and is referred to as the Katana. This was the optimum choice for outdoor combat.

The second category of samurai swords measured between 12-24 inches and was known as the Wakizashi. This was the preferred sword for indoor battles due to its size. The smallest of the swords was known as the tanta which was actually a small knife that came in handy during indoor combats.

Samurai swords go through a series of tests in order to ensure that they are up to the mark. Sword testers would use corpses and perform their dissection in order to check the quality of the sword. They would cut through the small bones first and then test the blade on the large ones.

The results of these tests would then be recorded on the nakago. The nakago is a small metal piece that connects the blade of the sword to the handle. This recording would then serve as the guarantee regarding the quality of the samurai sword.

Any samurai sword that has a quality point is termed as an authentic samurai sword. Hand creating the point is a matter that requires an advanced skill level and a lot of effort.

The quality of the polish that has been done on the sword is also one of the elements taken under consideration when choosing a samurai sword. The polish completes the final shape of the samurai sword. In the good old days each sword received a hand polishing treatment which was a long and tedious process.

Today you will be able to find a host of stores offering you samurai swords. However these are just replicas of the original samurai swords and are nothing compared to the original nor are they constructed in the same manner. There are however certain superior quality replicas that you may be able to get your hands on in the market.

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