Japanese Brush Painting Kits

Want to master the art of Japanese brush painting? Find out how you can do so with the help of Japanese brush painting kits.

Japanese brush painting is an ancient form of art that was actually adopted from their highly advanced neighbors at the time, China. Over the years the Japanese became masters at the art and developed it into a unique and distinct style from the Chinese.
The nature of Japanese brush painting was simplistic yet the collection of paintings has some brilliant work to showcase. Over the years many new developments have taken place in the art form but the basic science remains the same.

Traditionally the Japanese artists restricted themselves with regards to the materials and equipment they would use for brush painting. With time however new artists added new materials and the Japanese brush painting kit went from a fairly simple collection of limited things to a full time kit with new and improved items.

The old school Japanese brush painting kits consisted of simple bamboo brushes with soft bristles that were the main tool of the painter. The artists would work only with black ink. The canvas would always be white rice paper. Today’s Japanese brush painting kits have a lot more to offer.

You will be able to find a large number of companies involved in the production of Japanese brush painting kits. It is however best to go for a Japanese company as that gives one the reassurance that they know the art form better than the non-Japanese companies and are more probable to produce better equipment.

Getting started with the kit

Japanese brush painting kits are portable and excellent to get started out with. Most of them come with an instruction booklet that does not only give you the details and usage of the items contained in the kit but also enriches you with the history and step by step guidelines of learning and practicing the art form. This kit comes in very handy for beginners as it teaches the four basic strokes that make up any brush painting.

The Japanese brush painting kit also makes a perfect gift for anyone whom you know has a liking for this kind of art form. This is because it gives the user a complete opportunity to learn and master the skill. The kit is well equipped with all the necessary tools that gear the individual up for the task.

You will find that a person with little or no knowledge about Japanese brush painting can end up producing commendable brush paintings in the Japanese style by using the kit and its guidelines. The Japanese brush painting kits have helped many people discover the artist within.

With regards to the content of the brush painting kits, they come in various sets for various purposes. The beginner kit contains all the basic items that are needed to start off. Then you have the more advanced and loaded kits with modern additions such as different colours and brushes. The choice of canvas depends upon the user although most people still prefer to work on white rice paper with black ink or colour.

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