Sister Twist African American Hairstyles

African American women have a lot of options when it comes to choosing sister twist hairstyles to suit their personalities and lifestyles. Sister twist African American hairstyles are perfect for African American hair because it can tame and hold te

Sisterlock Coils

Coils provide a variety of options to style African American hair. This is particularly great if you have long hair and you want to make it look shorter without having to cut it. This is one of the easiest sister twist African American hairstyles to create. The effect of creating several coils will make you look like you have pin curls hairstyle.

Divide your hair into several sections. Take one of the sections and twist it using your index finger. Roll your index finger until the curl reaches your scalp. Wrap the twisted hair into pin curls and secure it with hairpins. Remove the pins after several minutes and you’ll get a curly hairstyle. Although creating this look does not require much effort, it provides you with a lot of styling options. You can also choose to leave the coils at the crown creating a pin curl hairstyle.

Standard and Kinky Senegalese Twist

One of the most conventional and well-liked sister twist African American hairstyles is the Senegalese twist. There are two types of the Senegalese twist; the standard and kinky Senegalese twist. The former hairstyle is great for long and straight hair. Sections of the hair are twisted starting from the root all the way to the ends. Secure the sections with hair clips or rubber bands. The thickness of the sections may vary depending on how you like it. This type of hairstyle may take hours to complete if you do the entire hair, but it can also last for several months.

On the other hand, the kinky Senegalese twist is a modification of the standard twist. This type of twist is ideal for coarse and curly hair. This type of hairstyle makes the hair look more worn and weathered. The ends of the hair are often curled and it can last longer than your standard Senegalese twist. This variation of Senegalese twist will consume less time to finish compared to that of the standard one.

Strand Twists

One of the most popular sister twist African American hairstyles is the strand twist. There are actually several variations of the strand twist, namely the natural strand twist and the double or two-strand twist. This type of hairstyle can free your hair from the wear and tear caused by daily styling. This works well with African American textured hair.

Make sure that your hair is wet before styling it into a twist. Curly and coarse hair can be styled easily when it is wet. You may also put a small amount of setting lotion to hold the hair. Part the hair into several sections and divide each section into two. The thickness of each section will determine the size of twists you can create.

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