Japanese Earth Symbols

Thinking about a Japanese earth symbol tattoo? Want to know the meaning behind the symbol? Read on to find out why Japanese earth symbols continue to appeal to a global audience.

The symbolic art that originates from Japan stands unparalleled today. This is quite an achievement considering that most of the Japanese symbols that we find today were actually created a very long time ago. Nonetheless the Japanese symbols seem to be a product of unspoiled imagination which is why they continue to have a great appeal on the masses.

Amongst the many different symbols that have intrigued the masses in many ways is the Earth symbol. In Japanese the symbol would read as Chikyuu. This is one of the most popular Japanese tattoo symbols. Although the symbol is gaining popularity in today’s times its origins lie in ancient times.

History reveals that it was not until after the 4th century that the Japanese developed their own writing system. They did this by incorporating the use of the Chinese script and other aspects of their culture in order to form their own identity. In the initial years the writing script of the Japanese was an adapted version of the Chinese script. Overtime however the Japanese language developed an identity of its own.

When it did come into its own the Japanese script seemed to have a very powerful aesthetic appeal. It was a highly difficult script to write and it still is but the artistic value of the script was well worth the trouble. On observing the Japanese script one feels as though they are more like design patterns to be used for various purposes rather than ordinary writing. This is one of the reasons why Japanese kanji symbols like the earth symbol have become so popular on a global scale.

Japanese Earth Symbol Tattoos

The Earth symbol seems to reflect a whole concept rather than read the word alone. It seems to have a humanitarian spirit and the person tagged with this symbol seems to be one who cares. In today’s times the earth symbol has become a popular choice for tattoos especially amongst the youth of the west.

The art of tattooing is not considered to be a very noble practice in Japan even today. But due to the fashion craze of tattooing that has come out as a result of the rock star hip hop culture of the west the Japanese are now cashing in on the practice. With the youth increasingly being influenced by the television the demand for authentic Japanese tattoo artists has hit the sky.

Ironically the art of tattooing was something that was used to stamp the criminals in the Japanese culture. It was a punishment that was given to criminals who would then be identified at an instance. Today the same practice has been turned into a fashion drama and the youth strives to get themselves stamped for life!

The Japanese earth symbol continues to be one of the most popular choices for the youth of today. Whether you need to get yourself stamped for life with the earth symbol to show that you care is a debatable question but the fact remains that it is a popular practice in the world today.

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