Mens American Eagle Shoes

Interested in men’s American eagle shoes? Explore the impressive variety of men’s shoes developed by American eagle…

American Eagle Outfitters started off as a company focused on producing fashion clothing and accessories for men. Today it is renowned for its versatile range of products amongst which are men’s American Eagle shoes.

Some of the most popular men’s American Eagle shoes are as follows:

The American Eagle Men’s Runaround Shoes

These shoes at $9.95 are the lowest priced branded shoes on retail. American Eagle Outfitters offer the American Eagle Men’s Runaround Shoes only in Black color. With the price of $ 9.95 you add another $5 for shipping, and get the most economically priced comfort foot wear available on retail. Sales tax is added on only in areas where applicable. These shoes are made in slip-ons to ensure ease in wear and removal and are available in sizes 11 – 14.

The American Eagle Classic Moccasin

These classy leather moccasins are a cut above the rest. They come across as a personal favorite of American Eagle shoe fans. The soft padded suede inner has been provided to make a soft and luxurious foot bed. The slip-ons provide convenience and when you are on the go you don’t have to worry about tedious laces that come untied. The trademark is reinforced in the stitching design and the shoe has a non skid signature treaded sole for good footing. These shoes are available in an unusual fling color and you can buy these Mocs for only $29.95. Comfort and style come together in these shoes that let you be on the go!

Men’s American Living Tennis Shoes

As the name suggests, these tennis shoes are literally livable! This is one of the older designs available from American Eagle but still available over the stock. These classic styled shoes bring comfort and flexibility to the wearer. With their long standing popularity, mainly due to performance and durability, they are a favorite amongst seasoned tennis players. The smooth exterior and sole grip provides fluidity to wearers – essential on the tennis court.  You can of course wear them on or off the court depending on what your requirement is.

American Eagle Boat Shoes

These sandy colored imported shoes are ideal on and off-shore as the name suggests, these are commonly worn by sea farers but the style is carried right on to campus! The soft canvas upper and the pliable rubber sole make for a comfortable shoe. The classic boat shape earns instant recognition and the suede leather laces, clinched stitch detailing lend class to this classic. The striped pop color foot-beds add a personal touch to this shoe.

American Eagle Leather Lace-Up Moc

A casual pair of shoes that comes in handy all day on campus and takes you on a night out in town. The exterior made of soft distressed leather exudes an old world charm and luxury. The shoe has a butter soft interior with the padded sued foot-beds. The reinforced stitch detail ensures the shoe does not come undone even during constant wear. The shoe is marked with the signature heel stamp and the rubber sole has the classic logo tread and ensures a firm grip and even wear. The leather lace-ups also have bronze reinforced grommets. These shoes are imported in Dark Brown.

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