Japanese Fashion Dolls

Interested in fashion dolls from Japan? Find about the modern twists of the ancient art of making Japanese fashion dolls.

The practice of doll making dates back to ancient times with regards to the Japanese culture. The traditional Japanese dolls go by the name of ningyo in Japan which translates as human figure. Over the years Japanese fashion dolls have evolved into many different forms taking inspiration from changing trends.

Different Japanese dolls are made to represent various aspects. You will be able to find dolls for children and babies whereas others will be representing the imperial court. Japanese dolls based upon warriors, heroes, samurais and fairy tale characters are also part of the Japanese fashion doll collection. Additionally you will also be able to find dolls of the various mythological creatures and gods that are part of the Japanese culture.

Such dolls were generally created for ceremonial purposes or for the purpose of exchanging gifts. Many would pop up dolls in their homes and shrines. There were certain festivals such as Children’s Day when the little ones would be gifted with Japanese dolls. Today the various Japanese dolls serve as souvenirs for people who come to Japan on vacation and wish to take something memorable back with them.

Certain dolls were used as blessings and baits by the Japanese. They would make grass dolls and throw them in the river as a means of seeking assistance from it. Modern times have however revolutionized this age old practice of Japan. Today’s Japanese fashion dolls have a whole new meaning and purpose.

The craft of making Silk skinned and mask-faced dolls has been prevailing in Japan since the 1920s. These dolls served the purpose of being collectables more than anything else. Even today the production of Japanese fashion dolls is in full bloom and they are sought after by people from all around the world.

The building material for Japanese fashion dolls varies. From plastic to rubber and clay you will be able to find fashion dolls in all kinds of fashion. A recent trend has taken the concept of fashion dolls a tad bit too literally.

So what exactly do we mean when we say Japanese fashion dolls have been taken too literally? Basically these dolls are created based on the fashion that is prevailing in the country. Since Japan is experiencing a transitional style revolution the doll makers have made an attempt to capture the essence of these changing times in the form of fashion dolls that stand as witnesses for the trends of the time.

So the Japanese fashion dolls of today will be seen sporting the latest trends on the street. From gothic Victorian to punk and colonial you will be able to find an equal amount of diversity in Japanese fashion dolls as there are on the streets.

Japanese fashion dolls come complete with a costume based on a particular style that is prevailing in the country. The doll will have all the matching accessories as well as the hairstyles that go with the look. Many of the newly created Japanese fashion dolls are constructed in the ball jointed fashion. The modern day doll makers create both extremely realistic as well as bizarrely animated fashion dolls.

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