Japanese Garden Furniture

Japanese garden furniture is made in various materials. To help you choose what type of furnishings best suit your Japanese garden read our guide for facts & information…

People all over the world are entranced by Japanese culture so much so that they even love decorating their homes in the classic Japanese style. This will include beds and even Japanese gardens. Traditional Japanese gardens don’t usually have patio furniture; they are usually a strolling garden. But with Western Japanese gardens there is a need for some type of garden furniture. This is where some small pieces come in to play.  Most have designers develop their gardens, but there are a small few who design their own.

There are different types of Japanese garden furniture, some that you wouldn’t think is garden furniture, in a Japanese garden, is furniture. So what is classified as garden furniture for a Japanese Garden?

•    Bamboo furniture – Chairs, tables, and sets sometimes and umbrellas (with a special design) to go along with it. Any cushions in your sets should have earth tones and no bright colors or patterns. Make sure they blend with your garden.

•    Stone sculpted statues- figures such as Buddha, or Japanese fighters. These must be properly placed. These are relatively high in price.

•    Edo benches – backs are arched like a rainbow, usually are wood or granite, and are intricately carved.

•    Teak furniture- this can be benches or dining furniture. These pieces of furniture can come stained in amber, honey or black tones. They have very clean lines as well.

•    Water basins – water basins are a centerpiece for any Japanese garden as they represent serenity and purity. These may also be represented by ponds, creeks or rivers.

•    Lanterns – Wood or Stone, these help to light the paths and are usually paired with the water basins.

•    Shoji Screens- these paired off with the dining sets and a few lanterns look great for a dining area.

Some of these separately do not make a Japanese garden, but paired with other items, transform a garden into a Japanese garden.  Some blend together better than others do, and with some choosing, a different type will make it blend even better.

Placement of your furniture is also a key to making your garden beautiful. Placing your water basins next to lanterns is similar to original Japanese practices. Make sure that your garden benches are set in places that are meant for meditation or reflection, such as near water or under cherry or plum trees.

The key with a Japanese Garden is nature; the more natural you make it the better. If your garden furniture is made from natural materials, then it will blend into your garden better than if it was not. Remember, the main goal is peace and serenity, not just beauty.  Depending on what furniture you choose, your Japanese garden will be enhanced and enjoyed by everyone who visits it.

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