Japanese Garden Trellis Designs

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In the world of minimalism and pure Zen serenity, none can dispute the aesthetic beauty of Japanese gardens. What adds the superlative touch is the Japanese trellis, which, because of unique designs and clean geometric cuts, is one of the most sought after pieces of architecture that is being used not only for garden landscaping, but also landscaping terrace gardens and outdoor spaces.

Wooden Trellis

For the uninitiated, it is a wooden or metal structure used to support plants as they grow, or wooden grids that help creepers flourish. The moment you say wooden pieces, it is sure to fire up the imagination of any architect or landscaper as a well-designed trellis adds beauty to your landscape.

Japanese Trellis Materials

Japanese garden trellises are commonly made out of bamboo. Bamboo is the most ‘green’ material that can be used, because it grows quickly (within days) and thus can be easily replaced, unlike other trees which require decades to grow to maturity.

Typical Japanese Garden Trellis Designs

A typical Japanese trellis screen will consist of diagonal crisscross patterns of wooden planks or bamboo, which is used to support vines or creepers. These are usually placed at one end of the garden and have an abundance of ferns placed on the sides, with a small rock garden in the centre, and a pond.

Unique Japanese Trellis Designs

Japanese garden trellis designs consist of a wood and bamboo lattice frame that looks like a pagoda wall with its layered levels. This sort of trellis is suitable for creepers and vines which will look superb in outlining a green pagoda when seen from a distance. Other Japanese trellises are in the form of curved arches. These look great at the entrance to your garden and can be just standing wooden structures without any creepers or vines nearby. A great way to partition your landscape is to use a Japanese wall trellis that is actually a lattice of horizontal planks, which is erected as a wall to bifurcate two portions of a garden. In one partitioned area, you can have a Japanese theme, while the other can have a more modern western theme. The trellis, made out of bamboo or wood can be off set with a small Japanese waterfall and a pond to give it the cool, calm look.

The Japanese make use of wood in most artful ways to accentuate the beauty of nature. Take for example, a mirror trellis. In these Japanese garden trellis designs, an oval mirror is hung on a wooden trellis in such a way that the mirror reflects the image of autumn flame trees in the background with the creepers growing up the trellis. In this way, the green of young plants contrasts with the big trees in the background on the same landscape.
These are some of the varied trellis designs that the Japanese use to decorate their lovely gardens.


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