Japanese Kanji Writing Tattoos

Want a tattoo with Kanji writing from Japan? Discover the long history associated with Japanese Kanji writing tattoos.

The Japanese are known for their tattoo art. This particular form of art has a deep history in Japanese culture. Today the art of tattooing has been accepted as fashion by much of the western world. The television media has played a great role in promoting this particular form of art.

When it comes to tattoo designs the Japanese have an extensive library of varied designs. Amongst the colorful and imaginative images the Japanese have a sort of creative writing script known as Kanji which they use for tattoos. Kanji writing tattoos as they are known have always appealed to the Japanese people and today they appeal to a host of youngsters of non-Japanese origins.

The system of alphabet writing used by the Japanese is strikingly different from English. Whereas the English language is known for its sheer simplicity of writing the Japanese script is at the opposite end being extremely complicated. The Japanese language is written down in three basic scripts and Kanji is one of them. Hiragana and Katakana are the other Japanese scripts used for the purpose of writings. Each different style is used according to different purposes.

History of Kanji

The Kanji script was an attempt by the Japanese to make their writing different to that of the Chinese. Back in the old days the Japanese had no writing system of their own. With the Chinese being far more advanced than them they adopted the Chinese script into their writing system. With time however the Japanese found it necessary to have a separate script than that of China’s. This led to the discovery and development of the highly creative Kanji script.

On appearance the Kanji script seems as though it was designed for the purpose of tattoos only. However this is not really the case. Interestingly the Kanji script seems to have the same appeal on people as it did during its early days.

There are many things about the Kanji script that have made it a popular design amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The Kanji writing appears to be extremely unique that’s for sure. It also has a sense of mystery associated with it and comes off as a really elegant symbol with obvious Japanese origins.

Being intrigued by the visual appearance of the Kanji script many people have gone for the tattoos without discovering what the writing reads as. Only to discover that their tattoo carries a rather embarrassing meaning that has all the Japanese heads turning for all the wrong reasons.

The kanji script is very difficult to write on paper. For the longest time the Japanese would make use of brushes in order to write. Using a needle to drill the charcoal ink inside the skin makes it even more difficult to accomplish the task with accuracy. With ages of experience however the Japanese tattoo artists have mastered the use of the tattoo tools and can now produce kanji writing tattoos with utmost precision.

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