Art Museums Barcelona

Going on vacation to Barcelona Spain? Want to know what art museums to visit in Barcelona? Our Barcelona art museums guide gives you information on tickets, opening times, exhibitions and more at art museums in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the best cities in Spain for art museums. Whether you are interested in Spanish art, European art or art from oriental cultures Barcelona has a museum for you. From pre renaissance art to the most avant gard contemporary artists, it’s all here in Barcelona. On this page we’ve chosen only a few of the best art museums in Barcelona.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is exhibits almost exclusively the art works of one of the most well known and prolific artists to hail from Spain in the 20th century.  Although the art work of Picasso can be found in many other museums around Europe, this museum has the most extensive collection of Picasso’s works to be housed under one roof in Spain. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is home to Picasso’s exhibits that span his entire career and enables the public to follow the artistic developments of Pablo Picasso.  This museum in Barcelona has an particularly rich collection from Picasso’s blue period which he went through in his early career. Tickets to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona cost about 5 Euros except on the first Sunday of every month when admission is free for everybody. Like most other Barcelona museums, opening times are from 10am until 8pm. On Sundays the museum closes at 3pm.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona

This museum in Barcelona is among the largest art museums in Spain. The works exhibited at the National Art Museum in Barcelona are representative of hundreds of years of history of  Spanish and European art. Visitors to this museum can enjoy seeing many Spanish Romanesque paintings dating as far back as the 11th century. Other examples of art that are native to Spain are the Gothic engravings and statues on exhibit at this art museum in Barcelona.  This art museum also displays more recent Spanish art in addition to frequent temporary exhibits of contemporary artists from Barcelona.

Contemporary Art Museum Barcelona

The Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona is dedicated to the promotion of modern Spanish art as well as art from other European countries. The earliest art exhibits at this museum date back to the 1950’s and the Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona really is an excellent venue to visit to obtain a richer understanding on the development of modern art in Spain.  In addition to permanent exhibitions, this  art museum in Barcelona often hosts temporary exhibitions of artwork from contemporary Spanish artists.

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