Japanese Punk Fashion

Interested in the punk scene in Japan? Discover what drives the Japanese youth to dress up like punks and be proud at the same time.

The country of Japan has experienced a cultural revolution over the last 100 years. This ancient civilization was known to be a very conservative and rigid community of people but all that has changed ever since man has made breakthrough achievements in means of mass communication.

People argue whether the impact that the cultural onslaught brought about by the exposure through mass media is for the better or the worse. For the more conservative Japanese families the influence that mass media has had on the youth has been devastating at least in terms of moral standards.

One of the things that has recently popped up in Japan is punk fashion. In the good old days no sane person would want to roam around town dressed up as a punk. Today however this is amongst the latest trends. The inspiration behind Japanese punk fashion is obviously the genre of music known as punk rock.

Although this form of music has nothing to do with Japan in terms of its roots it has now become popular culture in the country. Exposed to the tunes of punk through television and radio media the Japanese youth has developed a liking not only with the form of music but with the sense of style that comes with it.

Punk fashion

When it comes to punk rock you have to look like it if you want to be part of it. The Japanese youth has without any hesitance whatsoever taken upon the punk style of dressing in an attempt to be like their favorite stars. Initially the inspiration came from the west but today Japan has its very own punk rock culture that fuels the fashion. So anyone looking to be part of the punk scene must first get punked.

There are different categories of punk fashion that fall under the umbrella of Japanese punk fashion. When it comes to women the French Maid look is soaring on the streets of Japan. The typical French maid punk look includes a full black skirt with white lace trims and puffed up sleeves. You will also be able to find women dressed up as nurses although the latter is not as popular as the former. The little girl look with a teddy bear as a fashion accessory is also part of this bizarre punk fashion.

Some people mix Japanese punk fashion with the classic Goth style to come up with a new revolutionary look that is supposed to be one of the branches of punk fashion. French looking dresses with blonde ringlet curls and lots of white lace and extremely contrasting makeup is what makes up this category of punk fashion.

Japanese punk fashion is not complete without the accessories. From the weirdest of head gears to the most diverse range of earrings and studs you will find the punks loaded with fashion accessories. Other typical accessories include chains, pendants, belts, wrist bands and bracelets.

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