Japanese Sleeves Tattoos

Interested in a sleeve tattoo from Japan? Find out about the origins of the intricate designs of Japanese sleeves tattoos.

The art of tattooing is a means of making a fashion statement today. A particular style of tattooing known as sleeve tattoos is a trend that is prevailing in current times. Although there have been many cultures that have had the tradition of sleeve tattoos the Japanese sleeves tattoos are considered to be the most artistic of all.

You will be able to find Japanese sleeve tattoo designs for both half sleeves and full sleeves. Sleeve tattoos have been a part of Japanese tradition for many years and the collection of designs are considered to be all time classics. The Japanese made use of beautiful designs coupled with brilliant colors and rich symbolism. The sleeve tattoo design variations continue to gain currency on a global scale in today’s times when the practice of tattooing has become common.

The Japanese artists have made use of various themes for the purpose of designing sleeve tattoos. The koi fish sleeved tattoos are by far the most famous of these designs today. The intricate artwork coupled with the innate symbolism of the koi fish has contributed towards their fame.

There are many folklores and myths associated with the koi fish in Japanese tradition. The ability of the koi fish to swim against the tide is something that has lent it the uniqueness which resulted in it being considered as a special breed of fish. Koi fish sleeve tattoos are taken as a representation of power, strength and the struggle against adversity. The koi fish is also considered to be a good fortune sign.

Cherry blossom sleeve tattoos

Another popular theme used throughout history for sleeve tattoos is that of the cherry blossom tree. The cherry blossom tree has a very important significance in the Japanese culture and has been featured in many different forms of art. The tree flowers only once a year and the flowers soon fall to the ground after living a colorful life for a very short period of time.

Cherry blossom tattoo designs are associated with the Samurai class of ancient times. It seemed to reflect the lifestyle of the samurai who needed to be prepared for death as he could meet his fate at any point during a battle. For some people cherry blossom sleeve tattoos seem to symbolize the very short lived nature of this life.

The dragon is by far the most commonly featured creature on Japanese sleeve tattoos. The imaginary creature has been part of the Japanese traditional arts since long ago and has been predominantly featured in tattoo art. But naturally the Japanese have a deep symbolic tie with the image of a dragon. Over time the Japanese artists have created many intricate designs using the image of dragons which have served as sleeve tattoos.

The collection of traditional Japanese sleeve tattoos is extensive. The above mentioned examples are only the most popular themes that have been used in history. The complete list is extensive enough to form an encyclopedia in its own right.

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