High Fashion Italian Dress Suits

Looking for a way to make your mark with your attire? Find out how you can do that with high fashion Italian dress suits that will make you stand out in a crowd. Our guide has the facts & information you’ll want to know.

When it comes to making a fashion statement for men there is nothing more elegant than an Italian suit. You will find that Italian suits are available for a wide variety of purposes. But the thing that makes them different from other suits is that even if it is a business suit that you are getting for yourselves it will pass off as a high fashion suit because in truth that is what it is. The way to identify an Italian suit is to observe its cut. If it has a really good cut and compliments the physical structure of the wearer it is bound to be an Italian suit. Not only are Italian suits regarded as the best quality suits for men they are definitely considered to be the most fashionable kind of attire that a man can buy.

Traditionally however this was not always the case. The Italian suit has passed through various phases and ages to be considered as the most fashionable clothing for men. Initially suits became common in Western Europe. It is from here that they bled into Italy where the locals started adding their own creativity to the suits in order to produce outstanding clothing for men. But during those days Italian suits had an overriding sleazy image to them. This was because of the kind of fabrics that used were very flashy and shiny which no self respecting man would go for in those days. Coupled with the tight fit stitching the Italian suits during those days had the dons and gigolos as their main target market.

Through the ages however this stain from  the reputation of the Italian suit was removed as the opening up of a textile school and factory led to more experimentation in tailoring. In the 1930’s the Italian suits began to earn respect in the eyes of the public which triggered a snow ball effect all over Europe. The particular things that made Italian suits the bench mark in high fashion suiting were there extreme precision cutting and canvas supported construction. Along with which the Italian tailors produced hand rolled collars and sleeves by hand which added to the exclusiveness of the suit.

Modern High Fashion Suits

Today Italian suits are regarded as the most fashionable formal attire for men. You have some of the biggest brands in the world who have taken to developing high fashion Italian suits to cater to the style conscious rich and the famous. No longer does an Italian suit represent sleaziness rather it is now a symbol of outright class and quality. Amongst the most well renowned Italian high fashion dress suit designers is the brand name Valentino. They are amongst the leading producers of high fashion Italian dress suits catering mainly to the celebrity class. Zanetti is another Italian brand name known for its creative suiting collection for men. Dolce & Gabbana Gianfranco Ferre are other well respected designers of Italian suits.

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