Family Vacation Mexico

Going on a family vacation to Mexico? Looking for suitable vacation spots in Mexico to take your family to? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Mexico Family Vacation Destination

Mexico is an extremely popular and well suited destination for a family vacation. This may come as a surprise to many due the numerous news reports about wild college spring break parties and raunchy nightclubs filled with single American men. However, this is in fact only a very small part of the tourism industry in Mexico as every year millions of tourists, including many families enjoy their vacations in Mexico.

There are many advantages to taking a family vacation in Mexico. Firstly, its geographical proximity to the US means you can make savings on transport costs whether you decide to fly or drive to Mexico. At the same time however, Mexico is sufficiently different from the US in terms of language, culture and physical surroundings to make your family feel they are really on vacation far from home.

All Inclusive Family Vacations Mexico

Most people on a family vacation in Mexico take advantage of special deals offered by all inclusive resorts that cater to families. These resorts will have every type of facility you could imagine to keep the kids occupied. This ranges from the swimming pool, table tennis courts, even to special magic shows put on by the resort entertainment department. At the same time there are plenty of things to keep the adults in the family occupied such as a day spa for the moms and gym for the Dads.

The advantage of getting an all inclusive family vacation package is that you’ll more or less know your costs straight up at the beginning of the vacation and the only money you need to spend while on vacation in Mexico is for shopping and souvenirs. Just make sure you read the small print when purchasing your family vacation in Mexico as sometimes there are small catches such as only one meal a day included, or a limited menu choice.

Family Vacation activities Mexico

Mexico is also home to a couple of large theme parks similar I size and stature to Disney land or Disney world. These are an excellent place to take the family while on vacation in Mexico. One of the most popular family destinations in Mexico is the Xcarat theme park located in Cancun. Xcarat has a deep underground river that can be toured on one of the rides exposing you to many wonderfully strange species of tropical plant that you would never see in the US. Aside from the myriad rides and attraction there is also a noteworthy zoo in the theme park with some interesting animals.

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