Mexican Bathroom Decor

Mexican bathroom decor is a beautifully lavish and vibrant way to decorate your bathroom using hand crafted accents and rich colors. Read our guide for more facts & information…

The Mexican look in décor has a lot of character that typically uses traditionally made accents to give a rustic and earthy appearance without compromising on style or functionality. Bathrooms often have much more wow-factor than other rooms in a Mexican style home, with plenty of color and ceramic detail. By using a few key elements, any bathroom can be transformed into an instant Mexican feast for the eyes.

Mexican Bathroom Color scheme

Whilst typical room décor will include earthy tones of reds, greens and yellows, bathrooms are traditionally given the privilege of being allowed to go as big, bright and blue as possible. Blues are often deep medium to navy blues, with plenty of accents and details in other bright medium colors that are features of Mexican handicraft. These include red, orange, yellow, murky green and pink. Blues are often offset against off-white or cream, particularly on tiles and other ceramics.


Mexico is famous for its hand painted, hand crafted tiles, so much so that many of its more traditional buildings are covered in beautiful ceramic artwork. More extravagant bathrooms will have entire walls, floors and bench tops swathed in beautiful hand painted Mexican tiles, typically in the bold and detailed Talavera style of painting and glazing. The color scheme mentioned above is a key characteristic to the Talavera style, as is the specific type of glazing used. The paintwork itself is all done by hand, and often features radial or symmetrical patterns with leaf and flower motifs, as well as diamond shapes and dots. Elaborate tiling can also include a mural-like effect, with many tiles put together to make one large feature pattern or picture. For a more subdued look, tiles can be used as part of the backsplash for the basin, and as accents around key areas such as the shower and bath.

Other ceramic accents

The Talavera style of ceramics is not restricted to tiles by any means. Basins are a common feature made in ceramic, as are doorknobs and cupboard handles. Entire toilet units have been known to be painted and glazed in this style, as have bathtubs. More common ceramic accents can also include decorative wall hangers, ceramic figurines and decorative pots, to add a special personal touch to the bathroom.  Wall-hung half-pots are also characteristically Mexican, and are great for indoor plants and as a feature on the wall. Most pieces in these styles have Mexican themes and motifs that bring an air of rustic casualness and charm to the décor.

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